How to write a story about an animal ?

How to write a story about an animal ?
You will need:
  • little free time
  • Computer
  • imaginative
  • carefully thought-out plot
  • Description suitable animal
# 1

Many people like to keep their houses various animals.No wonder they say that a pet - a best friend who will not betray.In some stories, the animals are endowed with human intelligence and are the main actions of the characters.

# 2

First author is required to accurately determine the storyline, as well as the meaning of the story.Most often, the main idea of ​​stories with animals - friendship, which manifests itself between small children and animals.So, before you write a story about an animal, you need to think through every detail the basic concept and the idea that the need to convey to the readers.

# 3

In some stories of this type appear animals, which all kind show a formidable force, or quiet and calm nature.Some stories convey a hidden meaning, describing the difficult relationship between children and animals.As an animal with a negative role are usua

lly the snake, fish or wolves.

# 4

also some stories describe the relationship between animals, with the presence of children is excluded.Showing the relationship between animals, which are frequent hostility, the author is trying to convey to the reader the power of animals and certain lessons that they recovered during the action of the story.

# 5

But how to write a story in which the main conductors in the life experience are not people, and the animals?This should add to the story by the fact that most of the animals prefer to live in a pack.By the way, these techniques help to understand that loneliness is a major weakness of every human being.

# 6

The story needs to be clearly highlighted the author's narrative style.usually no particular problems, and gross violations of the author style When writing short stories.Also in custody is required to convey the basic idea of ​​the text instructive, which is a key subject of the text.