The essay as a literary genre

The essay as a literary genre
You will need:
  • desire to understand the essay genre
  • literary example
  • Knowledge
# 1

French term essai entered the literature back in 1580 and since then has enjoyedpopularity as a favorite genre of journalism and not only.Essays - Literary form representing a small-scale text created in prose form, which expresses the author's subjective position.

# 2

Thus, the essay is rather informative, but in any case is not a retelling, and its goal is achieved by means of direct copyright statements.That is why there is no need to ornate the plot, creating a fictional character, but, nevertheless, the boundary between narrative and essay conditional.For example, stories like the essay may contain the author's explanations and background, while in the present essay pronounced narrative elements.

# 3

However, the essay as a literary genre, has its own characteristics that allow to classify the works read.First of all, it presents quite short, and often takes an acceptable amount to a maxim

um of twenty pages.When reading the essay can be seen as throughout the narrative the author maintains a single point of view, and which is trying to convey to the readers.

# 4

Style essay inherent qualities such as imagery, emotional conversational intonation, mobility associations and paradoxical aphorisms.Many writers consider the essay as a literary fourth generation that should stand together with the drama, epic and lyric, but so far it only wishes.

# 5

Genre essay also has its own classification and provides reflective, narrative, critical, descriptive, analytical, and other essays, though such distinctions are rather conditional, as one essay may combine the characteristics of several conducted.

# 6

main objective of the essay - to express their views, while to bring it up to the reader's understanding, interest him, make us reflect on the study and, of course, draw their own conclusions on the issues raised.Essay frequently participates in the life of modern man, but in this case it is necessary to distinguish from the autobiography and resume.

# 7

So, for the essay is characterized by lively writing style;definition of priorities in life, values, goals and aspirations;Closer acquaintance with the author and the understanding of his position in life.The essay is a favorite genre of schoolchildren, as it involves complete freedom of thought, the choice of his subject and an acceptable style, and also transmits the identity of the author, his position in life and attitude to the world.