The main genres of literature

The main genres of literature
You will need:
  • love for literature
  • desire to understand the genres
  • Books of various genres
# 1

In the literature there are several genres that students learn in literature classes.But over time, this knowledge forgotten, so it's worth a little freshen up your memory and remember what kind of genres of literary works.In the literature, there is the systematic creation of new genres, the disintegration of the existing ones.

# 2

However, the review of all genres can be divided between the three main classes - lyric genres, genres, dramatic and narrative genres that combine certain features, on which there is a selection of products and their classification.

# 3

Thus, among the dramatic works emit a comedy, tragedy and melodrama.In the first case it is not just a demonstration and display, but also a mockery of all the vices of society at different times and eras;Simply put, you can always make fun of greedy, selfish, or stupid person.

# 4

The melodrama as all the existing c

haracters have a clear distinction on the "good and evil", and there is a constant confrontation between them.As for the tragedy in this work tells the story of the tragic fate of the protagonist, his sorrows and losses, and in the end often described his death or hopelessness.Yeah, rarely seen tragedy with a happy ending.

# 5

One type of fiction is a lyrical poem that expresses all the feelings, emotions and experiences of the author in a rather colorful form.It has long melodic lyrical poems turned into songs, consisting of chorus and several verses.So the song and became a separate genre in literature.

# 6

poem as a kind of poetic works, the plot is the story in verse form, so that has similarities with the song and the poem.Among the literary genres should be able to distinguish between the sketch and the epic.In the first case, displaying the facts of real life, and is an epic cycle of works depicting a specific historical era or a significant event in history.

# 7

What are the genres in literature yet?Story - a work that describes a single character, a single event and a small amount of time.In the story it has already presented a series of events in the life of the hero, as in the novel, there are a number of characters whose lives intertwine according to the story.Novels are family household, adventure, philosophical, historical and social.