How to define the genre of fairy tales ?

How to define the genre of fairy tales ?
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# 1

In today's literary world tale is a prominent representative of folk prose, which is found among various peoples and provides its owngenres.The tale carries a unique meaning, and designed primarily for children, as a fairly simple form teaches them to live right, to do good deeds, good and evil, to protect the weak, to make the right decisions and take the example of the positive fairytale characters.

# 2

On the one hand a child a fairy tale story - it's fun, but on the other hand - the persistent learning.The literary genre of fairy tale historically formed quite a long time, but initially there was only folk tale as a genre of oral folklore, which had a rather fictional content.

# 3

Later "came" literary fairy tale, which is in contrast to the folklore belonged not to the people, and the particular author, in addition, a single version of the publication had not previously reproduced orally.Genres tales also have th

eir own varieties.For example, known animal tales, the content of which the protagonists are the wild and domestic animals as well as fish, birds, plants or natural phenomena.For example, all known fairy tale "Zimove animals."

# 4

Fairy tales are more than a complex structure as provide for the development of the plot with the climax and denouement.In addition to these works, the characters are endowed with super abilities, and good with the help of magic fights against evil.The main heroes are often people who have resorted to the help of animals, weather, plants, birds and fish.

# 5

Here, as an example, the fairy tale "Geese-Swans" and "Vasilisa the Beautiful."Household tales clearly linked with reality, where the main character is a man who uses his ingenuity, resourcefulness and mind struggling against evil.Recall a favorite children's story "The greedy old woman."

# 6

At the heart of fables is complete nonsense, and its task is to amuse attentive listeners.A funny anecdote is like a fairy tale, but it has already unfolded shape and a long narrative.Every genre of tales designed for a specific age group of listeners, and by the end of the story everyone should take home a couple of truths that have not yet come in handy once in a lifetime.