How to change the fuel filter ?

How to change the fuel filter ?
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  • new filter
# 1

Diesel and gasoline - typical fuels of internal combustion engines.The fuel impurities fall in the production process, there is a change in temperature of water condensation, dust and oxidation products contaminate the fuel pipeline.Filters are the car to avoid contamination of the fuel tank.

# 2

Manufacturers are increasingly set the fuel filter in the fuel tank of modern cars with gasoline engines.The presence of such a filter ensures a high degree of purification, thus increasing the cost for its replacement.However, self-replacing the fuel filter quite motorist forces.Here is the algorithm responsible motorist to the question how to change the filter.

# 3

necessary to put the car on a manual brake and turn neutral.Next, you need to lower the pressure in the supply system.After 2-3 hours after the suspension of the engine, the pressure in the system is practically absent.Note the amount of fuel in the tank - it should not fill th

e tank more than a quarter.

# 4

next step - you need to remove the back seat.There also is the fuel filter.Luc gas tank bolted four screws are usually located on the left side of the driver's seat.Untwisting hatch must be carried, carefully wiping the surface of the fuel tank, remove dirt on it.

# 5

Next, you need to disconnect the power connector without breaking the latch.Then, you must disconnect the mains - supply and drain.Catch a falling line should hold his fingers and pulling the hose removed.The drain pipe has a collar with a mustache that you want to compress.It is necessary to push back the clamp and gently pull off the hose from the union.

# 6

gasoline Streaming is quite possible when the hose is removed.To this we must be prepared and be safe.Hoses must be isolated from contact with debris.The entire fuel module is attached with six bolts.They are something and need to unscrew the clamp ring opening his.The next step of the procedure on how to change the fuel filter is the following: it is necessary to remove the fuel module and fuel drained from it.

# 7

fuel filter housing with a mesh should be cleaned with solvent and blown air.Then, to equalize the pressure in the pipeline, for three seconds to include a starter.Finally, attaching the harness connector to the pump, return the removed parts in reverse order.

# 8

auto manufacturers recommend users replace their vehicles fuel filter 20 000 km or every two years.These recommendations take into account the average conditions of the passage of the machine.With increased pollution or fuel driving conditions require more frequent replacement of the fuel filter.