Rules love spell : how to safely bring anguish to the guy ?

Rules love spell : how to safely bring anguish to the guy ?
You will need:
  • conspiracy
  • desire
# 1

should not be taken lightly possibilities of magic and witchcraft, before committing kakie-to rituals, must know how to protect themselvesfrom retaliation.It is easy to learn how to bring anguish to the person, for that there are different charms and rituals that occur primarily at night during the full moon.Sometimes the girls talking to each other, tell each other how to bring anguish to the guy that he could not find a place away from his loving girl.There are some rituals that once they commit to act for a few weeks or months, they do not destroy the psyche and physical health.Probably to make such a conspiracy is not so sinful, the more they are used to attract attention, and then comes into play cunning women, the girl should try to show their good side, to interest for Man.

# 2

easiest ritual that does not depend on the phase of the moon, this hex in the window with the girl at night to open the window and say certain words.There is no nee

d, remember the words of the plot by heart, believe in yourself enough and with this faith to call her lover, calling him by name and calling to come to visit.Repeat these actions need to 9 times in a row without missing a night, then you need to wait for some time, a guy can come in the next day, maybe a month.Such rituals carried out a lot of girls, wishing to draw to itself the liked guy, but not all expect a positive result.In some cases, girls do not have enough magic power to give life to his words, in others - the guy is already in love with another maiden, and not going to abandon it, it can also be the cause of a failed witchcraft.

# 3

Women imagination knows no boundaries, and the girls are trying to find new ways to charm Man, considered quite true plot thread.Each house has balls of yarn, you should take one of them and wrap the thread to your finger while uttering slander.Words can be arbitrary, but the fact that the girl encourages the soul man, so she whirled and whirled around her, so that he dreamed about her body and wanted to be with her as soon as possible.After uttering these words, the thread should be wound on a ball again, and if it will not have confusion, the magic failed, and soon will come to the house of welcome.The girl should think about their future behavior, it must prepare a meal, find a topic of conversation and pleasant look to the guy I wanted to meet with her again.

# 4

If you know that the guy for some reason at a certain time will come to the house for the girl that wants to impose on him a longing, you can use the birch twig.He laid on the threshold of the house so that people logged stepped over a twig, and then the girl quietly takes a subject and takes the place where the nearest place is dry and hot.Speaking of the plot of the word "How dries this branch, so let the son of God (called his name) dries for me (also the name), the daughter of God. The plot is pronounced three times, then one should expect the result, perhaps, the guy comes back to visit,even without this reason. this behavior indicates that the ritual worked and everything turned out, it is possible that to get to know girl, people really fall in love with it. The effect of this conspiracy can not last forever, and eventually disappear.

# 5

fact, religion does not approve of holding various magical rituals and spell is just such an action, but the girls still carry them often enough. Take two church candles of the same size, heated to make them flexible and twisted them together, at the same timeshould say the words in which there is an appeal to the loved and the desire to be with him. This construct was put before the icon and set on fire, imagining that, together with a candle, lit the hearts of your loved one.Kindle candles should be connected by nine times, and each time to say the right words, you probably need some measure how far should burn a candle for the first night and the next.Woven candles symbolize, in this case, the unity of body and soul in love couples, and fire burning before the image - love to sunbathe in a man's heart.Perhaps in this way she will be able to ignite a man falling in love.

# 6

Interestingly enough another ritual - she buys the castle in the bazaar, for which you need to give as much money as the seller asks, without bargaining.Just as in the case of a birch twig lock to put on a threshold through which the beloved man step over, it is important that he did not see a thing thrown on the doorstep.After that, take away the castle, close to the key words at the same time that the young man is now forever connected in love with a girl.The key is, after the ritual, thrown into a lake, river or pond, such action should attract the attention of a guy and to link the pair.At least that long for the girl, the guy starts, much as there will continue to be - it's hard to say, it all depends on how it will be able to show their good side.It should be understood that any spell, it is a kind of abuse of the human psyche and personality, so it is best to apply a simple and feminine charms to attract guy without magic.