You need to track the location of your phone ?The best way to keep track of the phone - it's GPS!

You need to track the location of your phone ?The best way to keep track of the phone - it
You will need:
  • the included GPS
  • smartphone
# 1

In modern times to track the phone using a preset GPS module will not be any problems, and it is very important for parents of students youngerclasses and people who have lost smartphone.Many people do not know how to trace the call, which is a person, although the methods by which this can be done more than enough.There is a standard service for each of the operating systems, as well as some programs that you can download to your phone running on Android or iOS;in use, questions as to track the location of your phone, do not arise in the future.

# 2

And the first of these programs - Android Device Manager, which is the manager of Android devices.Download the program can be from the store Android Google Play applications, with absolutely free.Running the program can be carried out from the device on which the software and installed, and using a web browser on a desktop computer.At the very first log into the application you will need to

log into your Google account to login to the server (this is a mandatory procedure, without it is impossible to keep track of the location).It is imperative that the input into the same account as on your Android device.

# 3

As a result, when you log in to your account the system will display the location of the device, despite the fact that at the entrance to the web-browser possible: to ring the phone (to help find your phone if it is lost, for example, on gde-todacha) completely lock your phone with a password that will prevent prodelyvat any operations with your smartphone and delete everything from your mobile phone, if the refund can not be implemented.Find the location of your smartphone, you can also use the Avast anti-virus program that provides this capability is also using the site and the program installed on the phone.

# 4

Using the standard of service you can find on Android smartphone in the Google account, by logging on to the appropriate site.The site requires you to enter the relevant account data (email and password), which Implemented input from your smartphone.On the main page of the service it will display the last recorded location, the possibility proring, locking and data cleansing.

# 5

Surprisingly, but many people do not know how to track the location of the phone iPhone.However, to find the location of the lost iPhonepredstavlyaetsya somewhat easier by the fact that it is not necessary to install third-party software on your smartphone - everything is provided by Apple.By default, the service location and geopositioning to the Apple smartphone is turned on, so finding a phone is a snap.

# 6

To find a location on a map, you need to log in to your current account Apple ID on the site iCloud, by typing in the appropriate fields username and password (by this process, by the way, you can also find the iPod,your iPad).Next to the main page of the service must be a link to the tool «Find My Phone» ( «Find my phone" - Translated from English.).Clicking on the link will open a new window, which will be displayed Apple smartphone.The corresponding window opens where the last recorded location of the device, and its status will be displayed.With the help of this service with the iPhone you can do exactly the same function as using the Android Device Manager software for Android.

# 7

Find the location of the smartphone, which the preinstalled operating system is Windows, you can also use pre-service on the official website of the company's Windows Phone.In the upper right corner of the service should hover over the button «My Phone» sign, then select the link «Find My Phone».As well as for Android devices and of iOS, you will be asked to enter the site to Microsoft account, which Implemented input on the device.The site will open the last recorded location of the device, in this case, in addition to the actions you can do with a smartphone (all the same as Android and iOS), you can optionally print the map with the last location of the smartphone.

# 8

smartphone Samsung, which Implemented not signed in to Google, you can find with a standard of service that is installed on all of the company's devices.Usually when buying a smartphone, he proposes to create a Samsung account for such cases, it takes no more than 2-3 minutes.It plays a good service to search for a smartphone, so kakzloumyshlenniki usually can disconnect your Google Account, but on account of Samsung is very often overlooked.To find a phone number, you must go to findmymobile, which also must be authorized to find the last location of the smartphone.Service provides details of calls, committed with the device, which is very useful if you want to determine lost if the phone is lost or stolen.

# 9

order the smartphone was easy to find, the council of experts alone: ​​just do not turn off the function geopositioning GPS, which is not so much "eats" charge the battery as advertised mnogimipokupatelyami (mobile Internet requires an order of magnitude more), as well asalways sign in to the appropriate account (Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and third-party software).