For those who do not want a simple man purse : leather wallet with a picture of Putin's Russia Wallet!

For those who do not want a simple man purse : leather wallet with a picture of Putin
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# 1

the Internet canto buy purse of different sizes, made in view of the most unusual design solutions, but for some reason the accessory with Vladimir Putin enjoys enormous popularity.The fact is that Russia Wallet Purse has several important features that make a unique accessory.Purse with Putin's image is characterized by high functionality, because is just 5 divisions for money, several compartments for documents.This wallet can simultaneously store up to 18 credit cards.In this case, the manufacturer thought and stylish design, performing purse in brown restrained style.This purse will attract men of all ages, since the functionality is combined with the important things in patriotic overtones.This accessory should be every patriot, without exception, and due to its compact size, the purse can always take with you.

# 2

Purse male with Putin and Medved

ev is a list of key advantages, but the main advantage of such an accessory - a unique design.Above the design study of the best experts, and the accessory is made to all European norms and standards.Buyers especially noted durability things undeniable quality purses.Against the backdrop of China's purses, flooded the modern market, this thing looks stylish and expensive.By the way, due to its presentable appearance, Putin selected purse many businessmen and politicians.This accessory instantly underlines the masculine style and his views on the current structure of society.The presence of numerous departments in the wallet can also be mentioned among the advantages of things.This accessory will help man keep passport, credit cards and money in one place, without worrying about their safety.

# 3

To produce purse russia wallet is used so-called ekokozha.This artificial material on all its characteristics better than natural leather.Purse is qualitatively different, well thought-out design and durability of use.This accessory carefully stitched the bottom, so much so that it is practically imperceptible.Buyers can not survive because of the pureed seams or holes appeared, because this purse is not exactly fail.Most modern manufacturers guarantee that the material will look at 5+ even after several years of operation.Incidentally, the figure was invented and made masters of the leather case.Each purse pattern is applied by hand, and with the utmost compliance with all the rules of production.As a result, the appearance of the purse did not change even after prolonged use.Figure always looks extremely attractive and neat.

# 4

goes purse is small, but that does not lose its functional value.On the front of the accessory is a large picture with a picture of Putin on a huge bear.Bottom below the figure are the initials of the President of the Russian Federation.The rear surface of the purse as the front is made in brown.In front there is a reliable clasp on riveting, which prevents accidental unfastening accessory and wallet contents loss.Inside, there are several functional pockets of different sizes to store cash.Also inside the purse buyer will find several departments to store credit cards.Manufacturer especially made sure that every man was pleased with the purchase.That's why you can buy an accessory, not only with Putin's image, but also a symbol of the ruble.Both emphasized the purse look stylish and patriotic.

# 5

When selecting such an important accessory, many buyers are paying attention to the value of the goods.In this case, fans of high-quality and profitable purchases remain ecstatic.The fact that you can buy a purse for a modest sum - about 2000-2900 rubles, depending on the place of purchase.Purse itself is made in limited quantities, and hence, it is an elite thing can be said unique.In addition, these wallets are not sold in retail stores and look expensive.Investing in this accessory, a man makes a long-term investment, because the purse is qualitatively different, and can serve its owner for at least 10 years.The cost of the accessory will vary depending on your locale, but rarely more than 3000 rubles.Needless purse may be the perfect gift for any man because of its high quality and attractive appearance.

# 6

For many buyers, the main stimulus to the acquisition are mostly positive reviews on this product.Russia wallet purse praised for stylish look, for compliance with current fashion trends and patriotism, which is difficult to express in accessories.Modern man is very important to have on hand quality accessories that look stylish and expensive.In the case of this purse all the conditions are met, because such a product does not disappoint even the most demanding customers.Another advantage of the purse, which has consistently noted in the review - this material.Anyone who even once held in the hands of this accessory could be convinced that it is made from the finest materials available for production.Attention to detail and quality of the products affected by the attractive appearance of the purse and its durability.Affordable further stimulates buying.