How to make a bow from clothespins ?instructions

How to make a bow from clothespins ?instructions
You will need:
  • tree
  • tools
# 1

Despite the fact that hunting with a crossbow came into vogue in our country, it is still prohibited by law.But you can use a crossbow, in exercising hit the targets.All those wishing to try his hand in this matter would be helpful to know how to make your own bow.For ready-made models of the ancient weapon to date, are very expensive.Conveniently, the most you can do is not just a crossbow, a model that will be matched to the individual parameters of the firing.We should not forget that the option crossbow with a weight exceeding 20 kilograms, immediately falls into the category of cold steel.The most simple is the classic model, but the current "block" - the more complex and time-consuming to manufacture.The latter are special blocks at the end of the bow.Regarding conventional crossbow, it consists of a string, onion, and trigger the bed.

# 2

is best for making a crossbow choose natural wood.She will need to create the main parts of the structure - t

he bow and the bed.As for the other components, the choice of material depends on what kind of power will create a bow end.For those whose tensile force is less than 20 kilograms, can be used in the manufacture of wood and trigger mechanism.The main thing is to choose the hardwood.Perfect for this purpose, such as maple, oak, poplar, ash and acacia.These breeds have sufficient hardness to withstand even very heavy loads.For onions need a spring mechanism and various composites.

# 3

The biggest challenge in creating a crossbow can be called a training material.It takes more than one month.Wood should be dry about a year to ready weapons worked powerfully and clearly for a long time.Slipped this step is valid only if the bow is not created for its intended use, and for decorative purposes - just hang it on the wall and admire, effectively complement the interior.If you plan to shoot a crossbow, you will need after the cutoff chosen tree trunk, carefully handle the resulting cut down on both sides of the glue or paint.This will slow down the moisture out of the material, which means that it will dry evenly and better.

# 4

Due to prolonged dry properly in the wood even with no internal cracks appear over time.Such a crossbow will last a very long time.After treatment, lacquer, log cabin, you can send it in a dry dark place.A week before the end of the drying logs with bark is cut away, and then it is left for another 7-10 days.Only then can you begin to make the planned product.

# 5

The first phase should start creating a bow.He is from northern logs, fiber which is much denser.Identify it can be on the more delicate annual rings.In the middle of the workpiece is planned, then both sides of it is measured by 2 centimeters.This will be the construction of a thick layer, which in the future would be trapped in a box.From it slowly and gradually towards the edges of the material is cut, until the workpiece starts to bend a little.Next you need to check tightness of the bow, creating a test string of strong rope, tying a loop at its ends.Pulling a makeshift bow, you can immediately see all the flaws.Firstly, the shoulders must necessarily evenly tensioned, and secondly, the material must be removed in the same amount from the entire surface.Verification will check these moments and immediately correct the deficiencies.

# 6

If the tree has knots (even the smallest and seemingly not visible), then they are also required to get rid of.Places with knots should carefully handle the sharp knife blade.If the terrible damage over the long term are prepared blank, you can instead use a knife or file nazhdachku.Now you can proceed to the creation of the bed.First determine the best location for the gutter, in which the arrow will fly.This area will need to make as flat and smooth, because of its quality depends on accuracy of the finished crossbow.If it is difficult to deal with this aspect alone, it is best to seek help from a professional design drawing discussed.It remains to cut the desired length bed.Most often, it turns out not more than 30 centimeters.After his carpenter's knife or chisel to create a special recess for the escapement mechanism and a bow.

# 7

're do one of the most important parts of the entire construction created.This, of course, trigger.As discussed in the previous steps, it may be made of metal (for the most powerful crossbow) or wood as the rest part.The tree for this purpose also need to choose a dense and strong.The simplest mechanism consists of a cylinder, on both sides of which are palm hammer and a hook for the bowstring.He was called "a nut."True, this mechanism has some drawbacks.For example, quite a difficult pulling the trigger.To perform this operation required to make considerable efforts.Therefore, the more powerful crossbows complex focuses on advanced complex descent, which makes it easier to press the trigger.

# 8

resulting crossbow can be called a little outdated, a kind of "medieval" option.But at the same time it will be possible to do work fine and attractive appearance.Such a model would be sufficient for target shooting as entertainment.It is labeled and quite powerful.Make a more modern version of yourself is much more difficult.