An unusual gift for yourself or a friend : original wallet with Putin's image

An unusual gift for yourself or a friend : original wallet with Putin
You will need:
  • stylish purse
  • practical things
  • Distinctive features purse
  • Information
  • material Price information
  • Customer Reviews
# 1

Limited Edition PurseIt will be for the buyer not only the opportunity to express their patriotism, but also to emphasize the personal style.Wallet russia - reliable man's wallet, which will suit absolutely any representative of the stronger sex.Purse with Putin immediately emphasize the political views of men, but the look is restrained and stylish.Vladimir Vladimirovich himself is considered one of the most stylish of politicians in the world, and a true patriot happy to make the image of the president as part of their everyday appearance.Decorated in subdued earth tones, this accessory looks really expensive, but it is available in terms of price.Customers particularly appreciate the underlined wallet functionality, because, for all its creativity, the accessory does not lose its convenience when used regularly.

# 2

Figure purse Putin seems

to bear at the same time creative and funny, but at the same time expresses the power of power.Drawing attention to the originality of an accessory, do not forget about its functional value.Purse has about 18 departments for plastic cards, as well as the order of five compartments for storing cash.A variety of other departments to store in a purse and documents important checks.For all its versatility, accessory retains the convenience of everyday use, because the purse easily fits in your pocket.Another convenience accessory - it has practical compartments for driver's licenses, passports and other important documents.This item is ideal for a man who is accustomed to the procedure in their own purse and putting their own convenience in the first place.Being compact, this accessory keeps its ergonomics and is just incredibly comfortable.

# 3

Of course, the main feature of the purse - it's incredibly stylish design.Many men's accessories seem to be too restrained, and express with their help, their inner world is almost impossible.The unusual pattern purse emphasize man's relation to contemporary politics, his patriotism and love for the motherland.At the present tense situation, any, even a creative support, the state is a must!This accessory has a reliable, small rivet that prevents the loss of cash or credit cards.Sam accessory is made in brown and the bottom below the figure indicated the president's initials.Since both the original design wallets and discreet accessory suitable for any way to absolutely any man, regardless of his preferences in fashion.Choosing this accessory, a man puts on quality and unparalleled style at all times.

# 4

Purse with Putin's image of a bear made of 100% genuine leather.Moreover, on the design of this accessory worked best European artists and the very purse is made in accordance with European quality standards.Product quality is actually 100%, as evidenced by customer reviews.Firmware performed on the inner side of the multipurpose accessory so rubbing seams almost impossible.The very pattern was applied using the most advanced techniques, so it is not erased and is not damaged, even with frequent use of the purse.The use of leather and maximum quality purse firmware helps improve the functionality and extend the potential exploitation.Things made of genuine leather always looks expensive, so on a daily basis using an accessory, a man will be able to enhance its credibility in the eyes of others.

# 5

Buy quality purses Russia wallet can be on the Internet for quite an affordable cost in 2990 rubles!For this price the buyer gets a really high-quality, unmatched accessory, expressing his views on the world and politics.One of the main features of this accessory - that it is made in limited quantities.Purses are sold exclusively on the Internet and find it in the stores is almost impossible.Consequently, a person makes a competent investment, because after the full sales data purse, so it will be impossible to find, and the price for it will grow significantly.The average term of service enhancement when regular operation - 10 years, and therefore, people will save significantly.Buying every year substandard, cheap purses, are torn after the first two months of operation, he will spend a lot more personal means.

# 6

on unique purse with Putin on the Internet can be found only positive reviews.Buyers note that this accessory looks very stylish.In appearance it is impossible to determine the purse, that is a thing of all in 2990 rubles.In addition, the unique design of the accessory immediately attracts people.About this purse is really the dream of every patriot.Quite often, because stylish, unusual design, accessories lose their functional value, but not in the case of purse wallet russia.This accessory is suitable for daily use, it can be easily stored cash of different denomination, as well as all of their cards.By buying this accessory, one not only makes profitable investment, but also follows fashion trends.Now Putin's image as one of the most recognizable in the world and buying a purse, a person expresses its solidarity with the Russian leader's policies.