How to make invisible ink with your hands : the fun

How to make invisible ink with your hands : the fun
You will need:
  • concentrated juice of fresh apples or onions
  • paper
  • not writing fountain pen or paste
  • Internet
# 1

Vladimir Lenin and Ivan the Terrible, Adolf Hitlerand other well-known public figures are very sensitive to the dissemination of secret information, were considered the most secretive.That is why it is so actively used invisible ink, which today is also called the "sympathetic".But how to make invisible ink, and works there at least one of the stated in the history and chemistry methods?In fact, it is not generally accepted myth, because to implement such a method of writing sensitive information fully accessible and modern man.The main thing - to choose the right ingredients and clearly withstand these proportions, according to the recipe.As practice shows, techniques abound, and they are used in practice, but which of them is most effective with 100% result?Here are a few options that can be easily explained by a number of chemical experiments.

# 2

So the first and most common way as at home quickly and easily make invisible ink, as follows: take a few large bulbs, clear them from the peel, then chop on a metal grater.The finished slurry should be placed in several layers of cheesecloth and then squeeze.Thus obtained concentrate of onion is just considered as invisible ink, thanks to which you can safely send secret messages sent on paper.To write, you can use an empty fountain pen with a pen or a paste, an ordinary stick with a pointed end.Simply omit it in onion juice, and after a clean sheet of paper to write the required information.If the hand is not a specified number of onions, the same way you can use apple juice concentrate, as previously squeezed through several layers of cheesecloth.

# 3

Another way how to make invisible ink, - the use of salt or sugar solution.For its preparation is required to take the selected ingredient and dissolve it in a moderate amount of water to obtain a homogeneous composition.This is the invisible ink, which at the time of cycling practice legendary Mata Hari with the active espionage.Fresh lemon and orange - this is the same concentrated ingredients, which allows you to cook the juice invisible ink at home without additional components.This requires the use of home juicer, squeeze citrus fruit in a small container, and then once again to ensure that the resulting natural juice has no pulp impurities.If any still present, it should be a good filter and thus get the purest concentrate for further writing secret and mysterious messages.

# 4

Another effective and time-tested composition of invisible ink is made from the most ordinary milk, and this is the only food ingredient in this recipe.It is very important that the milk product was unspoiled, and it should be put into a small container for more convenience when used as directed.This is the most common recipes used to prepare invisible ink, and takes this simple exercise is not so much time, does not require additional financial embezzlement.When the ink composition is finally ready, it remains only to prepare the white paper and the detailed contents of the future of the note, which will be painted it in invisible ink.Use the process can be any sharp object, but it is important to know not only how to write a secret message, but also the manner in which it can be read in the future.

# 5

So, while writing secret notes you want to use multiple layers of invisible ink to letters in the end to get a clear, legible.When the message is fully completed, it is necessary to wait until the final composition is used is dry, and then you can send a letter mysterious final destination.It is important to avoid contact with water, otherwise all encrypted inscription "float", will be illegible, and in general they can not be read.This is a prerequisite in such painstaking work that in the end it turned out to be empty, meaningless.Also, do not dry the invisible ink in the sun, or under the influence of high temperature labels will occur before the deadline.This message will no longer secret, and the clear, which allow the practice is highly undesirable.Now we have to figure out how to open and examine the received message?

# 6

To read this puzzling message, you must use fire or iron.It is better if it is pre-heated iron, which is necessary to drive on a white sheet of paper as long as there will be encrypted inscriptions.There is nothing complicated, because the first letters are seen after a few seconds.If a letter is received in the field, where there is no electricity and iron, to help the fire come from the same fire.It is necessary to hold a piece of paper with the encrypted message at a distance of not less than 10 cm, so that the paper will turn yellow and easy to ignite.If we implement all the recommendations, then after a few minutes the recipient will know what kind of message he was so secretly transferred.Today, invisible ink often used as a children's fun - games in spies, but in past centuries, they are actively used for secure transmission of secret information of national importance.