Open the door phone without a key - you can !How to open the intercom ? "

Open the door phone without a key - you can !How to open the intercom ?
You will need:
  • Intercom different manufacturers
  • absence of a magnetic key
# 1

Sometimes there can be a situation that the plastic key that contains a magnet to the intercom lost andhome to get vital (at least for the spare), but no one goes in and out of the house.In such cases, you are sure to know how to open a door phone without a key by accessing the so-called programming mode, which can be accessed on the door of any of the manufacturer (it just as it is necessary to set up).

# 2

Most residents of the house mistakenly believe that opening the intercoms Keyless knows only an expert on how to configure them, as well as customize.However, it is not so, at least open the door phone of any company without a special key can be, knowing only a few necessary combinations to the intercom certain of the manufacturer.You must also remember that opening the doorphone without the key - it is to be considered in court in the presence of witnesses, fixed the process, so to carry out this proc

edure is allowed only in case of loss of a key to the house and need to hit.

# 3

real rarity in modern times - this intercom Barrier II and IIM, which at first seemed to be the standard of safety, and now no more than a suitable protective barrier to shed unnecessary.These intercoms are opened with a set of keys 1013 (rarely 1014), but that was opened petty thieves, they can be opened using an ordinary magnet, simply slide it across the area where you want to apply a key to open.Older intercoms were so weak magnets that are strong guys could just force open the door with intercom of such a plan.

# 4

intercoms most widely used in the Russian Federation (in the provincial cities in particular) manufactured by Vizit.Intercoms dannoykompanii usually open on entering one of the following key code: 12 345 # and * # 4230 for intercoms, issued before 2010, and * 423 # and 67 # 890 for a "fresh".Most intercoms Vizit open after entering these combinations, but the key code can be smenёn wizard to configure the intercom, so if the intercom is not opened, you must enter in a special programming mode.

# 5

little less, but also quite often used intercoms company Cyfral.Their programming method differs somewhat from the one described above, but the principle is the same.In order to open the right door without any problems, you must do the following: click on the button with a picture phone, and then enter the key code "7273" or "7272" - are standard for this type of intercoms.Chastobyvaet that such intercoms can be opened by typing 0000 and then pressing 2;that is why these intercoms are often already at the initial setting reprogram, and then give to use.

# 6

Russian company "Metakom" also produces intercoms for houses, special security, very different from predyduschihopisannyh models also can not boast.The easiest way to open the door of the company lies in the fact that you need to press the call button, then the number of the very first in the entrance of the apartment (it is usually easy to calculate all the houses a standard), and again after the call button.After all the inscription «COD», you will need to enter the code number 5702, which will open the door to the described operations is displayed.Less intercom of the company can be opened even easier - after pressing the call button, press the buttons in ascending order from 1 to 9.

# 7

not as widespread, but still used, is the model of the intercom Rainman, commonly used in homesmore prestigious, where previous described intercoms are not suitable for their appearance.Despite its pretensions, open the door with intercom system at times even better than the above-mentioned "barriers".Dlyaotkrytiya press and hold the button for 2-3 seconds with the key image, and then enter the key code 987654. Next, you will hear a certain sound (not the one that sounds normal opening of the door), then you must enter the code 123456, and then click8, opening the door.For reference: the button 6 intercom disables all button 4 - door locks.On some models, the company codes 123456 and 987654 may be used the other way around.

# 8

Eltis Intercom company is one of the most the widely used in the Russian defense systems, so open it already learned almost all forgetful citizens without a key.For example, to open the intercom of the company, you need to dial by pressing the call button 100, then use one of the three key codes - 7272, 7273, 2323. Instead, the code 100 can be used by all hundredths up to 900 inclusive.If the key codes do not come in all combinations, then find this code as follows: hold the call button for 30 seconds, the screen will appear in their code after that just need to open the door.

# 9

Very rarely used intercom system - intercom company T-Guart, which according to the method svoegootkryvaniya is probably the easiest of all the above.To open the door with intercom system, you need to press the call button, enter five zeros and then very quickly, like a computer mouse button, double-tap the call button.From the speed of pressing the call button will depend on, open the door or not.Instead of five zeros, can be repeated five other numbers up to 9 inclusive (depending on the intercom system configuration).

# 10

Many people in our country on public forums have noted that knowledge of how to open a door phone without a key particularly useful zabyvchivymlyudyam, because it can happen that the key of the intercom was left in the car and go to the parking lot in winter weather completelyI do not want to, or the same key and all is lost.Apply the above methods of opening intercoms without keys is advised only if the real loss of the key, as illegal, even accidental, reprogramming intercom entails criminal liability.