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# 1

Most women after thirty years, faced with the appearance of bumps on the big toelegs.This disease is called a valgus deformity.The reasons for its occurrence can be multiple: genetic inheritance, foot injury, uncomfortable tight shoes, even a poor diet.Therefore, when the first signs of hallux valgus, you must immediately proceed to its treatment.To do this, you need to apply some restrictions in the usual diet: eliminate fried and fatty foods.It is also recommended to spend less time on high-heeled shoes and compression.The fact that improper load distribution on the foot deviation provokes the thumb bone from the norm, which then causes a valgus deformity.

# 2

second stage of treatment is the use of special medical ointments that strengthen the ligamentous tissue.But valgus deformity is a progressive disease, so the stage of its development very quickly change from one to another.When the angle of di

vergence is large enough bone, it is necessary to consult a podiatrist or traumatologist.There are special orthopedic aids, bandages and tires that slow down the growth cones and return the direction of the finger in a natural channel.The last stage of the disease when the bone on the thumb moves through an angle of more than fifty degrees, are treated surgically.But these treatments do not give the patient an absolute guarantee that the disease does not reappear.

# 3

More recently, scientists have developed a special tool that within thirty days can get rid of the valgus deformity once and for all.It is called "Valgus Pro".This orthopedic device, which is used to treat any stage of the disease.It has a small size, and can be used at any location in the legs."Valgus Pro" is well placed in the shoes, so go with it is very convenient and useful.It removes unpleasant pain when walking or running.Due to the special elastic instep tabs completely duplicates the finger location, thus returning it to the desired correct position.It is worth noting its manufacture and materials that are hypoallergenic.

# 4

Despite its short existence, the high praise among users has made real lock "Valgus Pro".You can buy it in several places: specialty stores, supermarkets or on the official website of the manufacturer.The first areas of acquisition "Valgus Pro" to the buyer will be given a maximum maintenance and consulting on the use of the miracle-lining.Therefore, if a person is close to these places, it is not difficult to come to the pharmacy or store and make a purchase.But in cases where the trek to the supermarket is difficult, the best option is to order goods over the Internet without leaving home.In addition, online prices are much lower than in pharmacies or stores.

# 5

To make an order pad "Valgus Pro" on the Internet, you must open the manufacturer's page and select the number of catches.Then it is possible to pay using a credit card and wait for the order will be processed.instep Delivery "Valgus Pro" may vary from one day to a couple of weeks.It all depends on what city, region or area of ​​the buyer lives.It is worth noting that in recent years, a host of scams that under the guise of the original manufacturers selling this product.Therefore, do not make a purchase from dubious sellers go to the "phishing web" sites, although they often attract the attention of gullible people of their pricing policies and imaginary shares.

# 6

Also, there is now a service called cash on delivery.Such a process can protect a person from a non-existent purchase.When a customer placed an order, you can pay for the goods immediately, but only after delivery.The courier brings pad "Valgus Pro" to the address, and only after the customer check his packaging, he gave the money for the goods.If the buyer does not provide the area of ​​express delivery, then you can pick up the goods in the warehouse.Again, only after "Valgus Pro" will be in the hands of man, they will be given the money for the purchase.You must also be sure to take the receipt for the purchased goods, which will be on the document back, in the case of an incomplete complete set.

# 7

The site producer "Valgus Pro" you can view the properties of pads, as well as ask questions by phone.Man will be held a full consultation on the product: how to use it, how long to wear, how to wear and so on.Based on the foregoing it is fashionable to conclude that the purchase overlay "Valgus Pro" simply.To do this, you should choose the most convenient place of purchase for a person and not to delay the process, as the disease every day will develop.Treatment of hallux valgus with "Valgus Pro" is the most effective way to eradicate the problem.This is indicated not only by experts in this field, but also people who have already tested this patch on his personal example.