How to learn to take pictures professionally?

How to learn to take pictures professionally?
You will need:
  • Photographic
  • Program processing photos and video materials
# 1

It is worth to warn at once that today do not have any specific rules and criteria ofhow to take pictures.Modern Photomod reached a new round, where specific effects and processing photographic images are fundamentally changing perception of the past now, and all the concepts of aesthetics acquire a new shape.Earlier photographs were relevant filmed strictly on professional equipment (expensive SLR type camera Nicon) with the additional use of the headset (tripods, spotlights, umbrellas, etc.), The current vision fotoestetiki offers more opportunities.This applies not only to the equipment used, but also the setting, the story line and followed by selection of accessories and decorative items.

# 2

We are talking about trendy nowadays photos taken with a smartphone such as iphone 5s ipad or tablet-type computers.Many professionals who read these lines dissatisfied pomorschatsya nose, but we must recognize t

hat the camera is listed in the devaysakh give photos a stunning amount that can not afford many other cameras, which are laid out in front of the image, making it more flat.The same applies to the sharpness, colors and effects.Not without reason, many amateur photographers compare their photographs taken at the usual iphone with modern impressionism, as was his settings and effects allow you to pass a subtle impression of what is happening.And do not be surprised that some of the photos can be a real masterpiece of contemporary art.

# 3

can not say about many sugary professional photography, full staged quite flat gloss.An additional advantage of the use of modern gadgets for photography is that it does not require any special tricks, and there is no need to pass special courses on how to learn to take pictures.Any amateur photographer can easily make a good quality photo and run it through various filters, crop it, align and perform other simple and accessible operation, which provides the device if necessary.

# 4

Currently very fashionable different retro effects (especially for the shooting in the style of past years), blurred focus when sharp focus is significantly different from the gentle blurry edges, the effect of Ortona, vignetting in which edges of a photo expressively shadedand many other techniques to create interesting quality work.Among other things, a new wonderful opportunity to create beautiful themed collages photocomposition and teams in a single category.As an example, shooting in Provencal style or trendy direction Shabby-chic.Picture is divided into three parts: one is the biggest model close-up surrounded by lovely gizmos and gadgets (worn frame with a photo, a bouquet of hydrangeas and lavender birdhouse for birds in the naive style).

# 5

the photo smaller in the upper right corner shows some of these pieces close-up, and in the photo in the lower right corner - the general form of the model and its surrounding environment.As additional "widgets" you can add blurred focus or retro effect.From all the above we can conclude that in order to learn how to take pictures professionally does not necessarily have special equipment and take expensive courses.One need only to splash out their own fantasies and realize their wildest ideas to create new masterpieces.