How does muffle furnace , and what is it for ?

How does muffle furnace , and what is it for ?
You will need:
  • muffle furnace
  • access to electricity
  • subject to extremely high temperatures
# 1

muffle in such furnaces is most often used ceramic, and set it infurnace work chamber.The most common temperature range and application muffle furnace is limited to 1150 degrees that can be attributed to location of ceramic muffle heating elements.The temperature of these elements, without which the muffle furnace will cease to function, can not be higher than indicated.Sam muffle made of high quality ceramic that provides a smooth decrease in temperature between the muffle and the heater.When using a muffle furnace large amounts of electricity required, as different muffle large mass and is heated slowly.This is why many manufacturers use fiber materials, having the heating elements inside the oven in these models.

# 2

Muffle furnace with heating elements in the chamber eliminates the direct impact of fire and other heaters on the processed material.But at the same fiber muffle it has a

serious drawback.The fiber has no resistance to outgassing which occurs actively during ceramic firing.A secreted salt and oil burns much destroys the fiber.Therefore, these ovens are rarely used in research institutes and defense companies abandoned them long ago.Muffle furnaces are used with high-quality heating elements made in Japan.With their help, the preform is heated evenly on all sides and prepare small samples, while consuming significantly less energii.Keramichesky module muffle furnace works, providing a high thermal conductivity and density.

# 3

It is thanks to these features, ceramic modules does not allow the processing of high-speed mode.But at the same muffle furnace working from the power supply, are universal and are often used in many areas of industrial production.Furnaces are used in some phases of the production of jewelry to process metals, as well as for the study of various kinds of composite materials.With muffle furnaces occurs manufacture of metal-ceramic dentures.Therefore, modern muffle furnace controlled by a program is universal and has all the features that can be useful to future owners.Ceramic muffle also have built-in ventilation, and all the elements are protected.

# 4

Currently, plastic processing developed and successfully applied a special low-temperature muffle furnace, by which composite plastic parts can take place hot baking.Furnaces are used to work with precious metals and alloys, when you can not avoid introducing impurities or interaction with an open flame.metal heat treatment, possibly in a muffle furnace, also includes cementing, annealing, quenching, tempering and aging of.With muffle furnace bakes the art of ceramic products, since it is possible with this method to obtain a flat sound surface.In addition, drying is carried muffle furnace electroconductive materials because microwaves dried exclusively dielectrics.

# 5

With muffle furnaces cremation takes place, so as soon as possible the burning chamber to the state of the mineral components.Used work muffle furnaces in the assay, and the growth of single crystals of high-temperature sterilization, which is essential in medicine.Differ laboratory chamber furnaces differ in volume of the working space and the type of material the camera, as well as the maximum temperature.Laboratory muffle furnaces are also distinguished by the possibility of quick and easy replacement of the muffle and perfect setting accuracy of the parameters for the job.Basically in such furnaces experiments conducted in order to improve quality in the end of the test product.That lab furnaces fastest acquire the desired temperature and have sensors and timers, which provide uniform heating of the interior space.

# 6

Muffle chamber to be relatively frequent replacement when the work is carried out with a variety of raw materials.Sometimes it is necessary to use different characteristics muffles.Those furnaces which are used for metals and their alloys, often work on carbon, because electric power can not provide the necessary temperature range.Such metal working out very expensive, and therefore it is subjected to only those products which will continue to be in contact with aggressive media.It also includes parts of precision mechanical engineering, some jewelry and parts of medical prostheses.The treated metal so much better able to resist the effects of the environment and has excellent performance.It is also important that during the processing of metal in the furnace is relieved from the gas, the effect of which inevitably during combustion.

# 7

believed that the scheme of the muffle furnace is simple and can be assembled such unit independently if desired.An important part of the design, however, is itself muffle, which must withstand high temperatures for a long time.It must be manufactured of fireclay and similar heat-resistant materials, it is virtually impossible at home.Ready also muffle the price is compared with the muffle furnace, which defeats the purpose of its separate acquisition.When working with such high temperatures, great attention should be paid to fire safety, which is not too easy.Therefore, production of a muffle furnace with their hands, not only is difficult, but also very dangerous.