How to make sugar : production technology

How to make sugar : production technology
You will need:
  • sugar beet
  • special equipment
  • skillful hands
  • expert help
  • sugarcane
# 1

As you know, sugar - it is an essential food ingredientwhich will be found in every home.In modern society, it established a large-scale production of sugar, so you can safely eliminate the deficiency of this indispensable product of his long home cooking.If seriously interested in the production of sugar, the process technology is painted in detail in this manual;not only is not the first year is available to the public.Even the curious and inquisitive students know exactly how to make this natural product, and some of them have seen it live.In any case, the process is very simple, the main thing - to prepare in advance all the necessary ingredients and production technology to maintain clear.Repeat the sugar manufacturing process at home is quite real, but it is much more profitable and easier to buy already packaged products shopping.

# 2

As is well known, sugar - a loose food product, whic

h in its entirety consists of small crystals of sucrose.But how it is produced, some processing steps is subject to, and as soon as received the final result?The first thing you want to grind pre-cleaned and washed sugar beets, turning it into a thin chip of the same size.Thereafter, appropriate hot water treatment step, which occurs in the diffusion drum, where under the influence of the diffusion process there is a natural transition soluble and non-sugars of beet sugar in water.Thus, the purified juice obtained from the harmful and toxic impurities, and additional lime milk treatment eliminates the presence of heavy metal salts in bulk composition.The next stage is processing the raw juice of carbon dioxide, which is extremely important to remove excess lime.

# 3

should also make it clear that the diffusion juice in its composition not only contains sugar crystals, and other impurities, which are called collectively the notion of "no sugar".As practice shows, these adverse components prevent crystallization of sugar, rapid increase loss of this natural product.That is why one of the important tasks - to remove these components through the use of numerous physical and chemical processes.That's just to achieve the objectives and apply all of the above methods, among which heating, treatment with milk of lime, planting sediment preddefikatsiya, defecation, saturation, and other innovations.The end result is obvious, therefore, graduates pay special attention to such a sensitive and important issues, like the future treatment and purification of sugar.

# 4

After such a high-quality processing of raw juice is required to thicken, and it uses a time-tested method of evaporation.The next stage of its manufacturing becomes Portion sugar crystallization from the syrup has thickened, resulting in a so-called "massecuite".Sugar is completely separated from the sweet liquid, it becomes a crystalline form disintegrates into fragments.So there is a green syrup, which is represented by a viscous liquid sweet thick consistency.However, this sugar production process is not completed, because after the next washing sugar crystals is observed separation of a white syrup, which is also in demand in modern cooking.The final stage is the process of drying of sugar crystals, after which they become crumbly texture and are ready for further use in the food industry.

# 5

Play this complicated technological process at home is practically impossible, especially because in Russia there is a huge number of businesses that are just engaged in large-scale manufacture of such an indispensable product.The process uses special equipment that can withstand the required heat index, as well as ensuring the production of a quality product that meets all the standards and GOST standards.The production is directly involved and the human factor, but every year the equipment is modernized and provides accelerated sugar manufacturing process, and change the time-tested technology.Before you start up sugar trade, it goes through several mandatory inspections that allow extra time to make sure that heavy metals, nitrates and salts available, and the product is safe for health.

# 6

After the obligatory drying sugar specialists check the product for flowability and the absence of lumps, and then transgress to the packaging of the sweet product.This process of making sugar ends, but it is worth noting the main varieties.For example, sugar has a fine crystal structure, thus has enhanced sweetness;and refined sugar shows a clear line of crystals, with an average of different sweets.Refined sugar - it is a separate species, as for the manufacture of this product requires one step of production, which includes compact sugar crystals and their connection to the continental cube for greater ease of use.So that the above process of manufacturing of bulk sugar from beet or cane fascinating and informative, and the proposed information is required to be interested in children of different ages.