How to save money on gadgets , buy them cheap?

How to save money on gadgets , buy them cheap?
You will need:
  • Internet
  • Phone
  • passport
# 1

Every day in the modern world, new technology and gadgets, significantly facilitate the life of all active users.Phones with smart operating system, is not worse than that of a stationary PC, a powerful thin plates - this is only the tip of the devices list, which is updated almost every day.Few people know and think about the fact that the electronic gadgets, as well as on clothing or cooking, there is a fashion for which the keep is not so easy because of the high cost of new production models.The same iphone, for the fourth model was recently chased all recently proposed a fifth embodiment, and today, and 5s.However, as soon as there was five, it was very hard to get some "mods" even flew her to New York.

# 2

still sales leaders are the iphone and ipad, MAC, cheaper smartphones htc by type and so on. It is not surprising that the prices for these gadgets soaring.It is reasonable to desire and request, how to buy cheap iphone.And this a

pplies not only to Apple's products.Specialized shops and departments generally are not pleased with their price, winding up to the ceiling price.Hard to believe, but the phones and tablets of this firm you can buy much cheaper than in the areas of retail sales.First of all, the price is necessary to look at data in different gadgets major online stores that provide almost all models of significant discounts and promotions.

# 3

Among other things, as a regular customer of one of them, there is every chance of getting a certain number of bonuses, which will play an important role in the purchase of each subsequent product.Order in a shop of any gadget is very easy - just draw online application form, indicating your address, your own telephone number, delivery and payment methods.After some time on the specified number should call the manager, to clarify all details and confirm the request.The handset should come a special code, which must be presented together with his passport in the warehouse receipt.It is desirable to make the payment by cash on delivery, especially when it comes to non-trusted site so as not to risk their own funds.

# 4

Check the accuracy and availability of a complete set should immediately from stock, in the event of a shortage of anything or breakage detection, the goods immediately sent back.There are also other more extreme methods of how to save money on gadgets.Some "artisans" manage to buy the same iphone one of the latest versions of the "ridiculous" price.And this is done in the following way: on the Internet or the media is sought ads for the sale of second-hand iphone (or any other gadget).Very often sell phones for a symbolic price, which for example has broken or cracked screens.If everything else continues to operate normally, then you can safely take the goods.

# 5

Any spare part can be easily purchased on the market or to order on the internet, and are commercially available as expensive originals and replicas of the budget.The replacement can be carried out independently, for this you need only buy a set of tiny screwdrivers and shaped keys.After removing the trim and unwind all bolts can safely replace almost any item and get a great new gadget for just pennies.