How to make a bow from clothespins ?instructions

How to make a bow from clothespins ?instructions
You will need:
  • wooden clothespin
  • file, clamps, knife
  • thread, pencil, pen
  • matches, needles, floss
  • drill, electrical tape,
  • scissors hacksaw, needle file
# 1

Since ancient times samopaly enjoyed great success among the people, as not only a means of protection and hunting of wild animals, but also a hobby, develops precision, dexterity and coordination of movements of its owner.Today widely popular crossbows made of syringes, pens and pegs, they are the most secure and easy to manufacture.Yet before a crossbow at home, it is not superfluous to recall that even the most primitive weapons if used improperly can cause irreparable damage, because shooting at targets and completing its production, should follow safety measures."Gun", made of clothespins - the simplest form of home samopal, for the manufacture of which will need the following details: clothespin, thread, file, pencil, matches or toothpicks.

# 2

process of creation of the crossbow can be divided into several stages.Fir

st, the need to disassemble the clothespin, and dividing it into parts, to connect parts together upside down.It should also fulfill the inner edge of the cutout, recess extending into one of the parts, and it parallel "hollow" in the other.Now it remains to perform the recess of the barrel - it is necessary to draw a middle line dividing clothespin along its entire length, a small depression in the ground for a toothpick.Irregularities barrel polished needle files.Once the barrel is made, pegs halves joined together by threads or glue gun.Upon completion of the fixing process, there is a spring insert so that its reverse side is thicker and "cocked hammer" make shot at a target.

# 3

very nezateyliv and bow made from the handle, however, despite the simplicity of its manufacture, the weapon can pierce through even metal can!For the manufacture of samopal need the following materials and tools: a pen, a wide elastic, scissors, pliers, electrical tape.The process of creation of the crossbow can be divided into several steps.First of all it is necessary to disassemble a pen, cut Do not disassemble the parts so as to obtain a tube.Then be cut rubber ring.Using adhesive tape to attach the elastic to one end of the handle, fixing it so as not to come off with a strong tension.The crossbow is ready - can only insert a toothpick into and execute a shot.

# 4

No less popular and have won crossbows from the syringe, the operating principle of which is similar to the mechanism of action of an air rifle, because he shot takes place under the influence of compressed air.To create a samopal, you need the following parts and tools: 1 insulin syringe 1 syringe 50 ml, durable 10-inch metal rod, 5 gum, 2 clip (you can use the wire), markers, knife, drill.

# 5

The process of creating a crossbow can be divided into several stages.To begin to pull out of a large part of the syringe piston and remove the rubber seal.Having examined the insulin syringe, place it inside a large way that he was in the hole where the needle is attached.When you tag a place stuck a syringe needle fixing crop designated region.You should also get rid of the front edge of the insulin syringe, inserting it into a large - it will be a "trunk" crossbow.It then remains to insert the piston, pre-drilled near each edge of the trigger hole.Then you need to install the clamps, and fasten thread the metal rod and get rid of the sharp edges.In conclusion it remains to take five rubber bands and put them on the front and back of the crossbow.Samopal ready - to perform the shot is enough to insert a toothpick and "charged" the piston, release the trigger.

# 6

Manufacturing pneumatic crossbow, working on the principle of air rifle - a more difficult task (which does not take more than three hours), but also the most fascinating.As the "ammunition" such weapons will use standard plastic balls for children and allow the gun to fire several times, "without charge".To create this samopal need the following items and tools: 2 pen caps with round shape, 1 tube, 1 clothespin of wood, duct tape, 1 rubber ring of the wide and narrow rubber bands, scissors, hacksaw or jigsaw, balls for children's pistol.

# 7

Creating a crossbow can be divided into several steps.First you need to trim the edges and markers, putting a clothespin to the tube, mark the point, designed for recess (width - 5 mm).Stepping back from the level of 2 cm, make a second.Cut the rubber ring, clip it on the back of the "trunk" with electrical tape.Having examined the clothespin, done in one half of the hole and inserting a thin tube, cut it to 1 cm. Secure the half pegs and attach it to the "trunk" with a cutout.The tube pen fix tape near the second notch "trunk" (this is the "store").By inserting a tube inside the pen, make sure that it looks out, and was not too long.To apply bullets in the barrel, to perform a notch on the tube and put on her gum.Straw inserted into the barrel, one end fixed on an elastic band.Samopal ready - can only charge the "store" and inserting a tube with a rubber band, aim at a target.