How to increase the radius wai faille at home ?

How to increase the radius wai faille at home ?
You will need:
  • router
  • Foil
  • Antenna omnidirectional action
# 1

As such, the term "vayfay" not decrypted, the word referred to as the ability to access the networkInternet anywhere, because it is served by access wireless networks.Vayfay has at least one access point and at least one client, the maximum number of them may reach several tens or even hundreds.Wireless networks are able to provide access to the Internet not only computers, but also phones, laptops, etc., T. To. Do not need to be tied to one particular place.

# 2

For home use of wireless networks is sufficient to average conventional router, which can be purchased at any specialty store.But there are situations when you need to extend the range of available devices.Few people know how to properly vayfay increase.To do this, there are some simple but effective ways.First of all, experts advise to install vayfay-of the router in the center of the house, so that the signal was the same in all rooms.If we need to access the

network on the street, in a relatively close to the home, this device can be installed closer to the door or window, respectively, and the radius of coverage in this case slightly moves in the desired direction.

# 3

One of the most common ways in which to strengthen vayfay is the use of the reflective film or the conventional foil.With it you can make the screen, which will send the amplified signal in a certain direction.To produce such a screen will need a piece of foil about 10 to 15 cm if it is too thin, the need to fold it into several times, but the final version of the screen should still have sides not less than 10 and 15 cm. The resulting rectangular sheet need little bend as to obtaina small semi-circle, which must be installed directly above the router.Such a method is not much strengthen vayf radius of action, but will make it much more directional: reflector outside he will not go out and the entire signal will be supplied in only one direction.

# 4

important to remember that any brick walls and metal structures, as well as the leaves of shrubs and trees can reduce the signal strength by about a quarter, so it is necessary to gain as much as possible to "clear" the surrounding space.Experts recommend one of the best ways on how to increase the range vayf.To do this will need to purchase an antenna omni-directional action.With it you can control the distance of propagation, antenna placing a higher or lower on the existing router.

# 5

These antennas allow to increase the range vayf dozens of times - from one meter to several kilometers.This makes it possible to transmit a signal, not only within a single home or office, but also in neighboring buildings, and places of recreation, if they are not too far from the unit.But these antennas have its drawbacks, even when using the signal will drop significantly (to 50%), if the way of its actions will be interior or load-bearing walls, concrete ceilings, metallic finish.To solve this problem, you can replace the existing antenna to a more powerful, and the most suitable for each particular device, you can choose in the store, please contact your dealer assistance.