How to call abroad for free : Secrets

How to call abroad for free : Secrets
You will need:
  • Internet
  • Evaphone
  • Skype
# 1

To call abroad often use Skype or a special mobile tariffs.This helps to save on conversations.However, it is worth paying, if it is possible to make free calls abroad?Currently, the World Wide Web provides a set of such services.Just be aware of the sites where these services are available.Evaphone - thanks to this server, you can make calls to any country.It is enough to go to the site and in the upper left corner of the dial.However, there are some limitations.No more than 2 free calls available during the day.

# 2

advantages of the site: you can call to mobile and landline phones, if you want to use voice, text or video communications, user-friendly interface, the account replenishment for other calls via WebMoney, Visa, Yandex-Money.The disadvantages include the need to view the commercials immediately after dialing.Free call lasts no more than 2 minutes.Sometimes lame performance.However, to use this opportunity to call their relati

ves is quite possible.

# 3

Another little known, but extremely convenient service - PokeTalk.Before getting 2 free calls to register.Available for PC connection optional, calls are made from a mobile phone.Here, too, there is a certain limit.Each user receives a month is not more than 50 minutes, and 10 calls per call.Then, you need to pay.The advantages of this site are obvious.First of all, you can call from your mobile phone and computer.The limit of 10 minutes is considered to be a great opportunity to resolve all issues.

# 4

Unlike other similar sites PokeTalk has convenient Russian interface.There are different mobile versions.With your phone you can make calls with savings of 90%.Provided list of 20 countries, in which the call will cost about 2 cents per minute.K disadvantages include the server almost complete lack of information about it.Perhaps the ease of access and the availability of a sufficient number of free calls and the time limit is due to the fact that not all Russians know about the existence of the site?

# 5

Another way to call abroad for free, Skype.Every day this communication used by millions of people, sozvanivayas across continents and oceans.To do this, you need to install Skype, using the official website run the program and registered in the dialog box.If the check is passed before, simply enter the appropriate username and password.To make a free call, you must enter a username or e-mail subscriber who lives on the other side of the border.Then, click "search" and choose the right person from the list provided by the program.

# 6

If there is a free line will be followed by a proposal to enter the desired number.Free-call duration is as much as 5 minutes.It is enough time to learn foreign news and inform their own.If during this period of time to exchange the latest gossip and learn about each family member's health failed, it is necessary to continue the conversation for another time.It turns out, there are several ways to call abroad, without paying a dime.It is necessary to hurry to take advantage of information and to make at least one call is free.