How to make a moped from a chainsaw ?Homemade from chainsaw

How to make a moped from a chainsaw ?Homemade from chainsaw
You will need:
  • motor from the chainsaw
  • bike
  • welder
  • tank
  • additional parts
# 1

many things that are no longer of much value, itYou can give a second life, if you show imagination.From chainsaw if you wish, you can do many useful things, but considering that the motors in these units are characterized by high capacity, they are perfectly suited for the manufacture of homemade moped.Moped of the chainsaw can be made in several ways.Such a unit can make, even without special knowledge and skills in terms of the manufacture of such equipment.You can make a simple version of a moped by installing a powerful engine with a chainsaw on a normal bike if desired.However, those who even slightly versed in the art and has the skills to use the welding machine, is quite able to produce high-quality moped from scratch.Given that variations mopeds made on the basis of motor chainsaws, there are many, consider first the simplest design in detail.

# 2

In order to make reliable moped on the basis

of a bicycle and a chainsaw, is first of all to remove the motor.To retrieve the chainsaw engine, you need to carefully untwist her unit, and then disconnect all the pins, taking care not to tear the underwater cables.The power unit will continue to be fixed under the frame bike, so you should buy in advance the metal clamp that will ensure a secure fit.If you wish, you can make a clamp for fixing the engine of the chainsaw on the basis of a flexible metal tape.However, the factory clamps are convenient in that they have a special compartment and locks that allow height adjustment of the engine settings.The second point to which you should pay special attention to this hub.Bushing - a special element which provides the belt tension transmitting revolutions from the engine to the wheel.Fixing sleeve should be carried out with the help of special washers and screws.

# 3

sleeve diameter is selected individually depending on the diameter of the wheels.If the wheels have a huge size, you can use the 28-inch sleeve.Inside the bushing is a special rubberized surface, it will greatly facilitate the course ready moped.Depending on the selected diameter of the sleeve strap.It is important that the sleeve has been installed as straight as possible, as only in this case, the belt will not fly with the motor and the sleeve during the moped.When installing the sleeve and the engine can use a spirit level to make sure that these elements are straight.After all the main elements have been installed, you can proceed to the formation of gas and brake systems.The brake system, which is present on the bike have to withdraw completely, as when used with the included motor cyclist at risk to do a somersault, which can result in serious injury.

# 4

For the manufacture of gas and the brake system can be taken as a basis for the clutch that was previously used on an old moped.If a suitable coupling system from the old moped is not available, it is possible to do it yourself.The main elements can take the pads from the car starter.In addition, also need to install the carburetor of a moped, which can be purchased at the car of an extremely small amount.If the chainsaw engine is equipped with special lever, which has a direct impact on the beginning of his work, it is possible to make the gas system by means of the extension arm with special cables.Available lever simply elongates and is attached directly to the handlebar.This option is useful, but the braking distance will be long enough.The usefulness of the brake system will not be easy to do.In this case, the moped is ready to stop just 5-7 meters after turning off the engine.

# 5

The last step is to attach to the frame a small fuel tank and hold the fuel supply hoses to the engine.Despite the fact that the fuel tank can be a plastic vessel and, nevertheless it is recommended to make of a metal, since only in this case it is sufficiently reliable even in the fall and will not break or crack.If desired, you can use the tank from an old moped, or do it yourself with the help of welding.It is worth noting that when buying old parts of the moped or other items, it is very important to them stonecrop benzene or other solvents to remove the existing contamination.Once all the required elements of the future of the moped should conduct its tests, and only then attach the protective elements for the drive belt.Some owners of mopeds and small fire extinguisher is attached to the frame, as the whole construction works on gasoline, which in an emergency can light up.

# 6

This slight improvement bike allows you to make a moped, which can reach speeds of about 30-40 km / h.It should be noted that the weight of the person who can ride on this unit should be no more than 100-120 kg.The only negative point of this option will moped extremely slow acceleration, although this deficiency can hardly be called very significant.The fact is that such units tend to use older people, which facilitates the presence of the motor trip to the small distance, for example, on the market or just to visit.The most important advantage of this embodiment is the absence of a moped gasoline odor emanating from the unit, both during operation and in an idle state.This version of the moped can be stored even in the room.For obvious disadvantage of this moped include loud noise from the operation of the motor during driving.