How to get rid of bad thoughts and think positively ?

How to get rid of bad thoughts and think positively ?
You will need:
  • Meditation
  • Visualization
  • active life
  • Sound sleep
  • Comedy Films
  • Humorous literature
  • -antidepressants Products
# 1

No wonder they say thatthoughts have a material force.Repeatedly noted that if something strongly wish that in most cases the desire is fulfilled.So, if you think positively, the whole world around us is filled with bright colors.Down with gloom!We need to start finding the best methods of how to think positively.First of all, you must learn to step back from bad thoughts.It would seem that the solution is incredibly easy to do this on a daily basis to inspire myself that nothing bad will happen.However, this technique makes it not for everyone.A man with a good imagination and a weak will is not able to eliminate the bad thoughts just willpower.

# 2

therefore recommend the use of special equipment.For example, it is possible to sit in the most comfortable position, relax, uncrossed with feet and hands.Closing his eyes, you need to make some quite d

eep and slow breaths and out-breaths.After that you should imagine that all the bad thoughts are concentrated in the center of the chest in the form of a small dark lump.It is necessary to take a deep breath and exhale, knowing how to lump together exhaled air goes out.This is a great way to get rid of bad thoughts.Ball, came out of the chest must be mentally surround white cocoon, made of light, and keep at a distance, until it is completely melted.

# 3

Another no less effective method - visualization.By the way, psychologists recommend doing this technique classes ridiculous, as the laughter - the most effective remedy for any fear.We need to mentally represent the funny scenes.For example, the man himself, a huge ball of light around which the black spots flicker bad thoughts.Laughed at their fears, a person significantly reduces psychological dependence on them.You can represent your fears on paper.Then, close your eyes and think about the whole situation: why did the fear of how it affects, on which depends.He opened his eyes and looking at the picture, you need more time to think carefully about the whole situation and imagine now that fear to splash out on paper, in his heart remained.

# 4

Further, psychologists recommend destroy drawing, tearing or burning.By the way, unlike the psychologists, the people have long known how to save his head from bad thoughts.If a person has too much free time, bad thoughts can not be avoided.It is necessary to take their leisure time as much as possible.Cases of urgency, do not leave time on unnecessary thoughts.In addition, more attention should be paid to creating a positive mood.Favorite films and comic books probably will in a good mood.We have to learn to block bad ideas good.Rain is coming?The air will be fresh!

# 5

In fact, learning how to think positively, exercise plays an important role, but one should not forget about recreation.Discouragement - one of the symptoms of stress, which helps to eliminate a deep sleep, and an active leisure time.By the way, help to lift your mood and antidepressant products, such as chocolate, raisins, sea fish, hazelnuts and celery.Their use produces the production of endorphins, hormones of happiness, are easy to chase away all evil thoughts and help you enjoy life, looking to the future with optimism.