How to make invisible ink with your hands : the fun

How to make invisible ink with your hands : the fun
You will need:
  • cider vinegar
  • lemon concentrate
  • Internet
  • instruction manual
  • bulb
  • milk
# 1

Even in the times of Ivan the Terrible used extensively secretletters on the parchment paper, written in invisible ink.For a long time such a unique composition remained a great mystery, which does not extend beyond the king's chambers;but today even the student knows how to make invisible ink.Before you make invisible ink, it is required to determine the main ingredient, for example, it may be onions in a purified form, milk, sugar, or salt water, lemon concentrate or apple cider vinegar.All these components, or most of them half must exist in every home, so that the manufacture of the composition process for invisible ink secret message is very simple and easy to put into practice at home.additionally also need an empty vessel, a fine brush or writing pen, a sheet of white paper (landscape).The addressee is useful iron or a lighted candle.

# 2

If you choose the main ingredient of the o

nion, it is required first of all to peel, then grate and place the finished pulp in several layers of cheesecloth.After that, a good squeeze, and healing juice collected in a separate container.The final concentrate to lower the brush, like the ink, and then write the phrase on plain paper.Here the main thing - do not make grammatical errors, or to correct them will not succeed, and the recipient will receive the message, written by not following the rules of the Russian language.To read it, you need to bring a piece of paper to the fire or to iron a few times.Gradually begin to appear some letters, and after them the whole phrase of the secret message.So it's a simple process that takes the opponents a few minutes of free time, and required ingredients are always at hand.Even children can come up with espionage game using invisible ink in the process.

# 3

If the home is no onions, you can use lemon concentrate or apple cider vinegar.To do this, a small portion of the liquid poured into the container, and then also dip the brush and write an invisible message.It is important not to dilute the concentrate of selected water or other liquid, otherwise the idea will not work, and the paper will only be spoiled.If you do everything according to instructions, when heating the paper invisible ink begin to appear, however, in contrast to the present, they have a brown or orange.And, nevertheless, to make out written quite realistic, and in the same way and you can send pre-thought out response.Many parents in this way to entertain their children while in the old days, these inks with a secret used only for writing letters critical of the state of destination.Today, times have changed, and the ink recipe known to every conscientious parent.

# 4

invisible ink - it is the second name of invisible ink, which are used in everyday life, but most often it is in childhood.If the house has a fresh lemon, it must first be overcome, and then strain through several layers of cheesecloth, pour into a container and undiluted and use to write secret messages.A sheet of paper is clean, more waterproof and acquires lemon flavor, therefore, received a mysterious and even mystical letter, the recipient immediately understand what was going on.He will only have to bring a paper to the candle and wait for invisible ink will be shown and given the opportunity to read the encrypted message.Here the main thing - do not overdo the paper by the fire, otherwise it can easily ignite.If the destination is less observant, it will not be for a long time to understand why instead of messages sent to him a sheet of paper without any records.

# 5

If the above ingredients is not available, the question is how to make invisible ink, has a different answer, and need salt (sugar) and water.To be connected to one of the components with water in an equal ratio, and then mix and also used to write secret writing.The effect is the same, the main thing - do not use a large amount of the solution, or simply inscriptions are spread out, they can not be read.When the message is complete, it needs to put the paper flat on a hard surface and allow to dry completely invisible ink.Thereafter, the sheet wrapped in an envelope and sent forward.Upon receipt of the letter must be heated iron and iron the paper a few times until there are necessary and important record.This is no big deal, but the receiver there is a certain excitement, increased interest retained a sense of mystery and riddles.So why not support this game?

# 6

All proposed invisible ink recipes really tested in practice and justify all the expectations of the addressee.That is why you can use this simple method is not only to play with children of different ages, but also the transfer of top-secret data.Savvy smeknet destination quickly what to do and read encrypted text after a couple of minutes.It is important to recall that in the writing brush should not be too thick and fleecy, otherwise nothing happens.It is best to use a pen that does not write, and lying unnecessarily home.If there is no spark and iron, paper with invisible ink, you can hold a few minutes on the ferry, and the encrypted recording will be immediately visible and accessible.Today on sale there are special handles with retroactive effect, that is, first the black in sight, but after a couple of hours alone disappears.