How to choose the pet food ?

How to choose the pet food ?

Feeding animal -Key moment for its owner.After all, the quality of food depends entirely on your pet's health and chances of a happy longevity.Therefore, it is important that pet food was high quality and well-balanced.How to choose a food for cats or dogs?If a natural food all relatively clear, the purchase of dry forages still raises a lot of questions from breeders.How to orient in a variety of finished food for animals and make the right choice?

Operating feed composition.Prerequisites canine menu - it's vitamins, calcium, meat and soy flour.The percentage of the latter should not be above 30%.The cat food must necessarily be present meat, protein (taurine), a complex of vitamins and minerals.Qualitative animal feed should not contain sugar, preservatives and artificial food colors.The less by-products as a part of food, so it is more nutritious!

pay attention to the color of dry food.Bright colored pieces - not only a marketing ploy but also a sign of cheap, low-quality and worthless food.With

the more likely it added chemical dyes.Quality pet food - natural brown, with no apparent "chemical" color excesses.

Take care of the balance.The optimal combination of nutrients should be as follows: 45% of fats and proteins, 10% - carbohydrates.Information about this ratio shall be indicated on the pack.

Orienting the cost.Cheap petfood leave on the shelf.Such food is of no nutritional value for your pet.And some of the products and all can be dangerous for his health!Best menu choice for the animals - feed the premium and super-premium, made to suit the individual needs of your pet.

be age.Little kitten or puppy requires much more nutrients than older zhivotnomu.Esli feed the baby "adult" food, this will lead to a lack of vitamins and minerals, and, as a consequence, to underdevelopment."Children," an adult animal feed also be profitable: the excess calories leads to obesity.What food to choose?Self-respecting manufacturers produce food for the animals according to age: for young, adult and elderly individuals.There is also a special food for spayed and neutered animals - as we know, they are less mobile, which means that the nutrients they need rather less than the dogs and cats who do not indulge in the pleasures of love!Otherwise, the animal threatened with obesity, kidney stones, diabetes and serious digestive problems.

Buy food in their original packaging.Meals in bulk is cheaper, but there is no information about the manufacturer, as well as guarantees regarding the storage conditions, the quality and composition.If your pet requires a lot of food (large breeds or more pets) better buying packaged food in large bags.But do not buy wholesale feed batch, if your pet is small and not able to eat in one sitting large amounts of food.Otherwise, the risk of spoiling the feed well before they arrive in a bowl!

Look at the expiry date.This rule is true for human nutrition, and only about pet food - be careful twice!Avoid late feeds and store them for a long time.

Less experiments.If your animal approached one or another food, it does not cause allergies, there is no reason to change it.Changing the diet is reasonable, if you for some time fed pet cheap and low-quality food, and realized, finally, my mistake!