As the processing of precious stones ?Types of cut

As the processing of precious stones ?Types of cut
You will need:
  • mineral
  • special saw
# 1

Most mined minerals is initially in a huge shapeless mass produced or open pit, quarry, or closed, for example,mines.And in order to give them a form that will allow in the future to work with them in a variety of industries, are using stone processing.stone processing involves several steps: an initial cut them into smaller pieces, which facilitates further work, grinding, polishing and giving a special texture.Each stage usually occurs in isolation from the others, that is, the mined material being taken to the place of her initial treatment, then - secondary and only then further implementation.Of course, those minerals that are needed in industrial production, stages of grinding, polishing and texturing are not exposed.

# 2

in industrial scale processing of stones is very rough, because you want to get is not nice looking form minerals, and large amounts of material required for the job.Therefore, to the fore the quality of the stone, as we

ll as its quantity;stone can produce a number of ways: blasting, stone-cutting (best quality), and with the help of air cushions.In Russia, the most widely used first method, which is less expensive than the other two.Usually a certain depth laid an explosive that detonated remotely;splinter rock taken away in cars or trucks (with a closed production mode).With this method, all processing is a stone sawing it convenient for transport.Typically, the method is used in cases where the baby needs of a particular breed, provokes an explosion since a large number of occurrence of cracks.

# 3

Natural stone is produced exclusively for the implementation of its as received, not processed, that is, of course, is subject to much more processed processes.The presence of certain procedures in the processing of mineral depends on the purpose for which processing occurs.For example, if a stone is needed for collection, it is sufficient to grind the one hand, since the most valued minerals in their natural form, not processed.If, for example, malachite need to create any beautiful shape, it is necessary not only sand, but also to give initially available for further cutting the shape, texture, and also to polish and may apply any paint.

# 4

Sawing is carried out with the help of special tools - rope, tape and disk saws, the difference between them lies in the way the impact of the rock: so that steel shot gives a more decorative and reinforced plate - smooth.Many drives drunk cover additional diamond grit (or the entire surface, or only teeth), since diamond is the hardest natural substance on the planet (its hardness of 10 on the Mohs scale).Manually minerals usually do not sawn for this increasingly using different machines in the local factories.

# 5

Further processing includes grinding rock - that is, giving it a uniformly distributed roughness, the maximum height at which the mineral terrain is 0.1-0.5 mm.Cut stone blanks are usually subjected to the process of processing under the grinding wheels.Many petrographers note that grinding can expose only those minerals that have a lighter color as grinding tёmnookrashennyh rocks literally takes their rich colors and an individual picture.

# 6

Polishing of minerals by means of special tools, which are characterized by the presence of powder coating, helps to speed up the process, and later - with felt and fabric circles.Mostly gloss surfaces of any minerals gives two substances: chromium oxide and tin nitrate.Polishing is carried out to enhance the contrast of colors by increasing the brightness, as well as highlight the natural pattern (for example, some units of the coil).chromium oxide treatment put on stream, so you can for a small fee if you wish to polish one or the other material.

# 7

Where the grinding is not recommended so as not to spoil the natural combination of fancy any fused minerals give loschёnuyu rock texture, that is, make the surface smooth, not a mirror.Usually this is done using a special microsection powders.It was treated in this manner are used in the outer rock wall of any building (same breed polished in most cases go on manufacturing steps, platforms and other surfaces).

# 8

After these procedures, many breeds professionals can give conchoidal, melting or rocky surface for decorative treatment of interior walls and parts of houses.Conchoidal surface differs from the others in that it has randomly scattered depressions, where the depth does not exceed 5 mm, round or oval.Creation of such a surface can be carried out automatically conveyors human or manual method, usually using small chisels or other shock-cutting tool.

# 9

reflow surface is obtained by heat treatment of breed, which is carried out using termogazostruynogo phone was selectively affects certain areas of rock flow of gas flushed.The surface of the rock type is easiest to get - enough to leave the characteristic irregularities (cavities over 60 mm), removing only small, in order to emphasize the contrast.