How to behave at a wedding guest : the basic rules

How to behave at a wedding guest : the basic rules
You will need:
  • Good mood
  • Guidelines guest on
  • wedding
  • premeditated toast
# 1

Wedding consists of many nuances, the totality of which determines how good a wedding.An important component is the composition of the guests, their mood and ability to keep the atmosphere of celebration, their compliance with the rules of behavior at the festival.For the bride and groom wedding - a very exciting and memorable action.Very rarely it is performed in a secluded location with each other.Usually it is crowded bright celebration.A misconception about the mission of the guests: they are just spectators of this gorgeous celebration, which is necessary to entertain, care for them, feed and humor.With the guests only need to gift-giving and enjoying the holiday.This is a distorted view, as guests must join in the fun celebration as participants, complementing it by yourself.

# 2

Guests need to know some rules on how to behave at a wedding to look at the festival as such.It is necessary to take into

account some moments long before the celebration.Accepting the invitation of the newly-married couple, be sure to confirm its acceptance or to explain the reason for the refusal.It is undesirable to carry with them someone else of your loved ones, as the bride and groom want the wedding to be surrounded only familiar, welcome guests.If the invitation is not specified a child, you should not take it, so he did not stop the course of the holiday, dragging the attention on himself.It would be nice to stock up on small bills for tenders or auctions, to actively participate in them, rather than sit on the sidelines with no money, watching others.

# 3

There is a golden rule in the selection of clothes and make-up female guests at the wedding: "Do not try to outshine the bride!"Do not forget who is the queen of the ball.White and cream colors will compete with the dress of the bride, and too dark will make the effect of mourning 'heel in a bright range of guest dresses.If declared costume wedding, guests are notified in advance.We need to get serious about this issue by following the proposed style and color, so as not to interfere with the harmony of external merchandise.So it is necessary to take into account the age structure of the invitees.If the main contingent - the people solid, academic style will fit into the general background;and inscriptions on T-shirts "bitter" and "for the Young" only accentuate a cheerful mood light youth wedding.Weather forecast will help to dress accordingly.

# 4

spoken etiquette laws will be guided in how to behave at a wedding guest.Even connoisseurs of etiquette is useful to recall the basic rules.At the wedding, as well as on other activities, can not be late.It is considered a sign of bad taste.Do not skimp on the bridal bouquet, it will always be a nice addition to the wedding gifts.Toasts should be short and succinct, without caustic jokes, but cheerful and bright.It would be better to avoid long, tedious toast postcard.Always good to hear sincere, from the heart.Do not try to make a toast first, it is a privilege honored guests or elders of the clan.If the couple for some time engaged in his own business, guests can meet and socialize with each other, so as not to miss.Or make amateur photos of the newlyweds in the immediate surroundings.

# 5

Wedding banquet is not limited to food and drink.This cultural program, assuming guests participate.This involvement with Toastmasters activities, competitions and appeals considered as respect for the newlyweds and their grand holiday.Wedding celebration - it is not a place where guests can feel embarrassed, hide behind others and to refuse to participate in the festive program.Each guest must initially tune in to good, good mood, friendly, open relationship with the other guests and the young hero of the occasion.On the other hand, we should not be too active behavior that attracts attention.You should always remember that the bride and groom in this day is the center;for them and arrange a holiday and everything that happens in it.

# 6

As guests observe the rules of etiquette at the wedding.What do the wedding guests, largely determines the atmosphere of the holiday honeymooners.The behavior of guests should always have a sense of tact.What can be done?You can not even remotely interested in the amount of money spent on the wedding dress, feast.Asking questions about the costs immodestly.It is best to note with some cooked flavor wedding.Tactless question is about the expected replenishment.This question applies only to the young, and their plans.It is undesirable to ask newlyweds about missing relatives, as this can put them in an awkward position.It is tactless hint or openly ask the young couple about the upcoming wedding night.Before leaving, you need to thank you for the wonderful evening spent.

# 7

These tips are about how guests have fun wedding party and avoid the wrong consequences.It is not necessary to insist that the couple were doing what they do not want to do.Best guest - it is an active participant in the celebration, which can have some fun with all the heart, participating in the traditional "bitter", reaching up to 50 times a night.Participation in the wedding - it's a definite work for the benefit of young people.Real wedding guests do not have to be forced to toast or to take part in recreational activities.They may even show creative ability and come up with something on the go.Importantly, do not forget that the focus should primarily be on the hero of the occasion, not the active party.Before the guests at the wedding is the main task - to do everything necessary so that the young feel happy on this day.