What is lazy and how to fight it

What is lazy and how to fight it

How to write a great Nikolai Gogol, "the Russian people have an enemy, implacable, dangerous enemy, do not be that he would have been a giant.This enemy - too lazy. "With classic is hard to disagree.Laziness-mother pushes on the "then" and clean, and the writing of the diploma, and scientific discoveries.And all the great achievements domestic and destined to meet us in the light of "tomorrow".

How to stop feeding yourself (and others) "Breakfast", to get together and start doing?

How did you come determine what causes laziness can only look into his childhood.Braves say they were born lazy.In most cases, this is an excuse, but behind it hides the truth.If a person does not dissemble, that his behavior could indeed affect lifestyles some of the parents, for example.Bad example is contagious - immediately and without Freud clear.

Visiting a fairy tale

tale about Emelya and pike all know.The family had three sons, the youngest of whom was Emelyan.When the brothers were leaving, the main st

ay on the farm and lazy daughter.What would the women nor the young man asked to do, he replied famous "reluctance ...".In the fairy tale this behavior is simple: Jr. - stupid.That's all.The analyst also says that more likely Emelyushku patronized without measure and knocked all his attempts to independence.

So get into the child's case, do all the work for him (especially one that is under his power) - it means their own hands to push it to the lack of independence, inactivity and laziness.It grows here is a "Emelya" and sits on the neck of the brothers, parents, or wife, and the surrounding wonder - what's wrong?


give rise to laziness can also permanent HQ.Valuable guidance is often the child's cause rejection.Some parents do not notice it and go on - give orders to the children, such as those that received Cinderella: bust bean bag, rub the floor to a high gloss, clean the pots with soot ... And to an hour!It is not surprising that the human brain blocks signals "do it!" And replaces them with his "I will not!".The protest will automatically go into adulthood, and the person begins to create a bunch of problems at home and at work.

without knocking not enter

Laziness comes and where it is not welcome.For example, a child has made cleaning your room or just put things in order on the desk and sat down to rest.At this point, the room went dad saw my child, sitting around (or even entertained) and rebuked the baby in idleness.The kid was ashamed, though he considers it unfair.And then Dad told Mom about it.When she after a while looked into the room, the baby was again occupied by the designer (although it managed to gather the rest of the toys in the box).Again, he did what was reprimanded.If such repeated several times, and the desire to work will not remain a child.And why, if in the end you still not satisfied? ..

Inflated expectations

next reason why people go with laziness arm has to CDA (self-importance).He served in the Army / career built / grown children / played chairman of condominiums in ... And then what?Where to go and what to take an active position when the last work was not appreciated?Waiting for return from relatives, colleagues, the state (and even someone from the universe) is not justified and enters a brief installation, "Yes, I sneeze all wanted!".So, this underrated genius lying on the couch and waiting when it all will inspire him.

How to keep up with all: practical advice

1. Start the day right

Perhaps the most strict rule of the entire list.

Charging, douches and nutritious breakfast - not just empty words.The fuel for the body.Fueled body is much more productive than sleepy jelly.Develop your own morning ritual and follow it on a daily basis: it may be a cup of green tea, a short view the latest news (or even 20 minutes surfing on social networks).

Simple and always pleasant activities can become an additional incentive to spend the day with advantage.

2. Compose your script the day

word "plan" does not like lazy and generally carries a negative connotation.Therefore, replace it with any that will elicit positive emotions.American psychologist and consultant Neil Fiore, in his book «The Now Habit» advises to replace the negative construction "I should / shall" to "I can / I choose."Well, I can do the job on time and pay attention to the family!I want to live in a clean house!So much better, right?

3. Doubt - is good

and afraid, too.Do you think that it is impossible to get it all planned?Excellent!Use your doubt and fear as motivation.« my fear something usually means that I have to do it" - says Madonna, queen of pop scene, film director, producer, actress, writer ... This woman who is afraid, and miraculously manages all.

4. The main thing - to start

This everyone knows, but few people take seriously. «Many things seem unfeasible as long as they do not" - said Nelson Mandela.That's right, but to prove this thesis myself lazy oh how difficult!The original Council give Gestalt coaches: "Imagine that at 11:00 you have to sit down and finish an important project: to make a couple of calls to approve the layout, to send a report, etc.I do not want.When the clock 10.55, or just sit down Rise middle of the room.Do nothing: leave your phone / book / newspaper, turn off the TV or music.As a maximum, after 10 minutes you find yourself at a desk on the layout. "Here's how: to begin to do something - do nothing!

5. dreaming!

Draw your success.Or carve collage and make you desire.If too lazy to do it, just ... dreaming.Let rosy picture will become your best motivation.If you do not help the sunny beaches of the Dominican Republic, you can borrow the idea "Die Hard»:

« have such a picture with a man walking: it starts from the time when he was a tiny baby.And then he goes on and on, becoming tall and strong, and then gradually grow old, stoops, his legs give way ...

I would advise everyone to hang this picture on your wall.So a person can wake up every morning and say: "That's a point of living the way I am now."If you look at the picture every day and ask yourself, how many years you still have, you learn to not waste time.Life is short, even if live to ninety.Live to the fullest - that's how I feel.Appreciate every moment, every hour, every day, because they do not blink of an eye, all over.I am absolutely sure that for most people their death comes as a surprise "- Bruce Willis.

seems the best motivation you will not find!