How to choose a trendy bag in summer 2014?

How to choose a trendy bag in summer 2014?
You will need:
  • Sac with color print cell
  • handbag with zipper on the two balls
  • Clutch with handle chain
  • Suspension on handbag
  • bag of crocodile skin amber
# 1

image of the modern woman is not only correctly picked fashionable clothes and hairstyles.The main components of style are, first and foremost, and accessories.Even if she does not seek to follow the trend in the current season, it still complements its appearance scarf, belt, beads and other small clothing items.And without the bag does not do any one lady, in whatever manner and state of mind she was not.It should be the same in some way to carry a purse and other necessary stuff.Therefore, special attention is paid bags all designers creating stylish brands.Women's handbags change with fashion trends, not yielding to its relevance to other subjects of the female image.They may be of different sizes, shapes, colors, different in style: business, evening, sport, theater.

# 2

Choosing the most common female accessory - bag

designers in the current summer season is recommended to focus not on the combination of parts of the image, and the character of the girl, her mood.It is proposed to break all previously created stereotypes and to choose fashion bags 2014 summer mood, respectively.The belief that the bag and shoes should necessarily be the same color and texture, were in the distant past.Today - this individual style elements, but, nevertheless, the general idea of ​​the image created by them should unite.The main stylistic trends in fashion handbags - futurism and retro style, which is now present in clothes and hairstyles.On the catwalks handbags worn by our grandmothers and futuristic motifs: clean lines, geometric shapes, metallic luster.

# 3

in vogue saved invoice, emitting the skin of reptiles, but if last season it was a snake skin, now - crocodile leather.Designers paint it in the most unimaginable colors: red or gradient bright amber tones.Latest saturated blue color "ultramarine" violet and purple, yellow "Freesia" neon red, solar orange.When there is no desire to take with strong bright handbag, trendsetters offer calm colors as shades of gray and sand beige and classic black and white colors.Diversify bored with the classics can still the same texture of reptile or lacquer overflow.The shape of the bag or pouch may resemble reticule our grandmothers for storage of female accessories.This accessory small size on a long handle or without it.

# 4

Small handbags are at the peak of popularity in the summer season in 2014, when their handles are made from large chains.It is undoubted merit represented many brands.Wherein the chain-handle can be shorter and to carry it in his hand, and long - shoulder.Another hit of the summer will be long forgotten clasp in the form of two balls.She graced handbags two centuries ago, and today was back into use.Fill up the parade of stylish accessories long fringe.Although fringe has always been considered an attribute of cowboy style, trendsetters are trying hard to put it into more classic images, and they succeed.Long silky fringe can be found on everyday handbags and evening clutches.Relevant suede fringe and big bags, bag-like, but they will come to a certain style.

# 5

Another innovation of the approaching summer season will be metal clasps.This attribute of the business portfolio, but fashion bags 2014 summer has given special qualities.Now, buckles and metal fasteners can be found in the most unexpected places, even on a small handbag to go out.Every girl should be a miniature handbag or clutch, which is supplied with a long handle for convenience, or a small copy of the daily bag.These handbags suit a sophisticated nature, which is enough to deal with a powder compact and mobile phone, because more in the bag, the baby will not fit anything.But look for bags of fashion items such as a piece of art, and therefore will appeal to many girls.In addition, mini-bags are widely presented on the catwalks of spring-summer 2014.

# 6

Fashion autumn and winter are requested to wear the bag with a combination of two or three contrasting colors in one model.The summer season has diversified colors, offering fashionable prints - cell and peas.Now the actual peas is found not only in clothing.Handbag with polka dots will not leave indifferent any girl.Cage as "crow's feet" is widely represented among actual bags in the form of a sac and the business portfolio on the clasp "balls" with short handles.The handles may be not only in the tone of the bag, but also made of other materials such as bamboo.Another supplement, without which no cost Bag 2014 - tags with long laces and cheerful suspension.These little things adorn the bags of medium size or large items into a bag shape.Suit fur suspension, as well as made of leather or beads and metal.

# 7

choosing a bag, do not forget that it should be not only fashionable and stylish, but also meet the general, the approach to the figure of its owner.The basic principle of selection of accessories - the higher the woman, the greater the size of the bag, it can afford.Petite woman with huge bag, even if it is very fashionable, will look ridiculous.Another immutable rule - the bag must be combined with a style of footwear.No one would take with an elegant clutch, decorated with rhinestones, if legged sneakers, even a very glamorous.Welcomed the combination of different textures.For example, patent leather shoes, you can easily complement suede bag vice versa.Organically looking bag with a print in combination with self-colored sandals.And in color, they can be combined with a buckle on the bag.Fashion gives you the opportunity to dream.