Fashion for overweight , summer 2014 : how to create an unforgettable image ?

Fashion for overweight , summer 2014 : how to create an unforgettable image ?
You will need:
  • slightly tight fitting outfit
  • thin belt
  • Provencal style
  • sleeve - a raglan
  • v-neck
# 1

Every woman is individuality.Either way should open her dignity and hide flaws.To solve this problem must be approached very seriously, given how elusive modern fashion.For full summer season of the year it is terrible, because people suffering from overweight, can no longer hide under the blouse and loose overalls problem areas.But it is very misleading.The main thing - is the right approach to this situation, maximum effort and the presence of taste.Modern fashion takes into account the proportion of all people, even if their size beyond the limit of the ideal.Previously overweight women could not boast a huge selection of clothing on the figure, but now this problem is solved one hundred per cent.You can use the services of a qualified seller in a store or hire a stylist.

# 2

Women with forms must adhere to the fashion trends associated with the seasons: autumn, winter, summe

r, spring.Fashion full differs from the standard next to the nuances.After all, in addition to the colors, shades and fabrics, the image should also visually reduce the figure.The first condition, in addition to applicable is that the dress should strap a little figure.It removes a couple of kilos, but it should be very careful not to overdo it.Also, do not buy robes.Many women somehow think that these dresses hide completeness.But this is a misconception.For those who have a figure proportional, can be easy to emphasize the waist belt, preferably of a different color.But those to whom it is not necessary to allocate the waist, it is better to choose the dress directly, without recesses in the problem area.

# 3

Summer 2014 has a very bright colors.Provencal style still has not lost its popularity.Obese women, these trends are only good.It is well known that fine pattern visually reduces the rounded forms, while large pieces of fabric to increase the size.So, you can safely buy sundresses from lung tissue bed tones.In this situation, you need to think about the length of the product.Attire must not be short, but at the same time for the low women long dress will be a failure to do this.In this case, the length of the dress to be at the level of the knee.Hem dress can be narrowed down slightly.This summer will also be popular white.But women need to complete to be extremely careful with him, and better and refuse at all from such outfits.Experiments may be unsuccessful.

# 4

always enjoyed priority of the Greek fashion for larger women, summer 2014 is no exception.These outfits are suitable for owners of the lush, rounded hips and tummies.In such models, the skirt as it were going to the front of the belt, thereby concealing problem areas.The sleeve of the dress can vary, ranging from three-quarters, and ending with the straps.Straps - detail of the image, which you need to focus.For broad shoulders and massive arms this accessory is extremely unfortunate, so before you buy, is still to try and better qualified to hear the opinions from the outside.Miniature makes shoulders sleeve - a raglan, so it's worth experimenting with this piece.Also, the sleeve of three quarters of a win-win option.

# 5

pants suit will not go away summer fashion 2014.So, for larger women can pick up a lot of images.Pants to the ankle with a folded collar or collected at the bottom with an elastic band will become an inherent part of the wardrobe this summer.The length of the jacket must reach mid-thigh.This outfit will hide the extra weight and give confidence in its image.Talia is possible to emphasize a belt or ribbon.The color scheme, again may be different.Bedding colors and plain fabrics suitable business for women, but for bold experiments imagination is where carousing.Small flowers, abstract, bright colors - all can be used for a compelling image.And do not forget for accessories.Earrings, bracelets, pendants, beads are obliged to supplement the outfit.

# 6

To image looked airy, when choosing a dress hem (skirt, pants, shorts), preference should be given dark colors.But the upper part, on the contrary, should be light colored.It is very beneficial to obese women look leggings combined with a free shirt, belted with a thin strap.Evening dresses for larger women is better to choose from natural fabrics.In the summer of 2014 will be the most fashionable dresses of chiffon, silk and lace.A feature of the summer trend is a free cut.So lush beauties will be very easy to hide their extra kilos under the guise of the most fashionable dresses.Designers are advised to choose outfits with a high waist.For busty ladies should emphasize their dignity, so it is best to use in their clothes round, v-shaped cutouts.

# 7

And, of course, fashion summer 2014 can not do without swimsuits.If clothing fat woman can still hide their shortcomings, then on the beach, this task becomes more difficult.Here, the main thing - is to focus on their own merits, thereby reducing the concentration of attention on the problem areas.To emphasize the breasts, stylists advise to use bras and bustiers gang panties best to choose high-waisted.Hit of the season - a joint slimming swimwear with stakes on the sides.The colors of the costumes can be very diverse: flowers, abstract, monochromatic fabrics.Fashion does not stand still.And as you can see, dresses for larger women, too, are updated every day.To be beautiful in the world today, do not necessarily have a 90-60-90.