How to choose fashionable shoes for summer 2014?

How to choose fashionable shoes for summer 2014?
You will need:
  • Boats heels
  • Sandals Wedge
  • ballet shoes with ribbons
  • shoes with glitter
  • Sandals
# 1

approaching summer season, so eachfashionista will have to think about buying a pair of sandals, contemporary style this summer.Designers who design the appearance of the shoes this season have tried to meet the needs of every girl.Fashion today is very conservative.It offers a compromise for all legs and on all occasions.Choosing the right pair should pay attention to the usability and relevance of obuvki.It should not rub the skin, harvesting, hamper walking.Heels must comply with the time of day and the ability to move them to a girl.Tired of high heels, multiplied by the hot weather, do not add positive emotions in the evening, when those same heels just need.You can not wear every day the same shoes, shoes should have time to dry thoroughly.

# 2

No matter what style of dress she prefers, the upcoming spring-summer season is ready to give it the widest choice of suitable for a

ll occasions shoes.This summer will wear studs, a platform, a heel, a thick sole.The choice is huge, but there are 12 trends that are worth paying attention to.The basis of any modern girl's wardrobe should be modnayaobuv for the summer in a classic style.It - pointy shoes with high heels.Classic boats do not go out of fashion and always look feminine and elegant.These shoes fit like a business suit and a cocktail dress.Habitual patterns are complemented by fashionable details as straps, prints, bows, rhinestones.But their essence remains the same.In the fashion and remain classic colors - white and black.

# 3

next hit summer 2014 became pointy pumps with open heel, intercepted strap.Such models with high heels are presented with many famous designers.If heels walking difficult, she readily select currently sandals with pointed nose and open heel on a solid sole.This is also a fashion trend of the season, which is not worth discounted.These shoes, made in classic style, suitable for office work.It must be remembered that the sandals should not be worn with tights, even the most thin.If there is a strict dress code, closed shoes with socks fit just what we needed.Relevant shoes sand and gray.If you want to visually lengthen legs, can safely stick out a pair of shoes or sandals beige shades, popular this season.

# 4

brave girls who want to stand out, will prefer pumps with contrasting toes and heel.At the peak of the popularity of this summer sandals are decorated with a variety of straps and half-belt.The more stitches on the stem, the better.The straps can start and end of the fingers on his ankle.Another attraction of summer shoes in the 2014 season began bows.They are everywhere: on tiptoes on the heel around ankles.In the fashion jewelry and sandals slipper satin ribbons that are tied in bows.They may serve as both a decorative element and a fastener for footwear.Very extravagant look like ballet flats, with threaded crosswise ribbons and fashionable floral print.These shoes will be useful for all legs and become a real hit in the summer image.

# 5

Of particular importance are the colors of accessories.Earlier shoes had to match the color of all the dress or be neutral colors, now you can wear bright shoes, combining it with contrasting colors.In the spring-summer palette, born in 2014, in a fashion bright orange, red neon, purple and lilac, sky blue, greenish-blue (the color of the aurora borealis), freesia (yellow), deep blue.The palette of more than diverse.Here there are warm and cold tones.The basic colors are sand (beige) and a gray (gray).A special place is golden brown shoes with a metallic sheen.Gold and Silver - the most current colors for shoes and sandals this summer.Particularly impressive they look in sandals with heels and with braided straps.

# 6

Fashionable shoes spring-summer with overflow and brilliance can not only be gold or silver, but also any other.The main thing that it was patent.This trend will remain at the peak of popularity in the next autumn-winter season.Therefore, buying shoes in the spring, they can be safely worn and coming fall.But do not forget that a lot of the light - it is bad.If a girl wears a bright dress, shoes on it to be more subdued tones, otherwise it risks appear tasteless.Particularly noteworthy are the decorative elements that adorn the shoes.Today, it can be a perforation, which become not only a fashionable element, but also allow the foot to breathe.perforated sandals particularly suited to closed nose, the ladies who want to hide the rough on the feet or toes protruding joints.

# 7

Particular attention is paid to the form of heels.They, too, are filled with the variety.Girl with big feet in size or wide ankle especially in the shower will fall sandals wedges with rounded toes.They will do the leg visually less and walk in a shoe - it is a pleasure.Wedge can be of different shapes, particularly relevant platform, sloping in the heel area.Sandals with a sole decorate a girl with delicate shapes and a narrow ankle, common platform will weight skinny legs.For beach sandals fit in the Greek style - strap that secures the foot around the fingers, coupled with half-belt strap around the ankle.Strap is adorned with flowers, ribbons, rhinestones, metal ornaments.Of the variety is important to choose not only fashionable, but also comfortable shoes.