Relevant gift with their own hands Birthday

Relevant gift with their own hands Birthday

For such is usually good-natured, sweet and happy people God himself ordered to make gifts by their own hands.Well, and, of course, you guessed it, all that is connected with the will sweetly!That's right!Please the sweet tooth is not so difficult, besides bake Napoleon necessarily - there are other ways.

So, we go to the store and buy a variety of bags with your favorite bar birthday, as well as the adorable candy, chewing gum and pechenyushkami.And also do not forget to buy a little cute flower pot, skewers, superglue, floral foam (or padding polyester, that was where to stick a skewer in the pot), artificial moss or scattering sweets - sea pebbles (or something like), to have something to mask the fillerpot.Well!Look like that's it!Now with all this good it's time to go home.

So, take a pot, fill it with floral foam or synthetic padding.Top sprinkle small candies or gently lay artificial moss.The first stage is made.

Further, all the sweets in upakovochku glue superglue to the skewers.Few expec

t when dries.

Ready skewers stuck in a chaotic manner in the pot.Magic sweet gift is ready!

To complete the picture, and display such generosity cute gift it would be nice complement gift cards (envelopes with them, you can also stick to skewer).Certificate or card will start up in a cafe-patisserie and confectionary boutique luxury - in a word, underline the "sweetness" of your a present in a big way.This is a great gift option for a sweet tooth!

If you have the desire and ability to prepare a congratulatory dessert - the flour in your hands!Bake that loves birthday, well, and do not forget about a special decoration of such a present.In this age especially cute and mentally look personally derived cream "Happy Birthday!".

For aesthetes

If the birthday boy - people appreciating subtle and above all art, aesthetics and generally fine, it certainly bribe gifts made with their own hands.Of course, not all (for he and aesthetic), and made with taste and in accordance with the interests of the esthete-birthday.

What options are there as much as possible win-win?

If you are an artist and your work is always pleasing to your esthete, then think nothing.Think "concept" that could catch birthday and more!E-mail a picture in accordance with its ideals and favorite themes.

If you have an idea about the technique of decoupage - also great!Find a beautiful chest or box - foundation and zadekoriruyte them in this technique.Of course, the image must meet the expectations of "Congratulations."

If you know how to make beautiful jewelry, be sure to entertain hero for the day another masterpiece of their own manufacture.Aesthetes love exclusive, custom-made little things.And as such, no one but him, will not be exact!Here it is - happiness!

«Well, but what about those who do needlework last in junior high school?" - You ask.Do not worry!And there are options for you!

Nowadays perfectly functioning whole hypermarkets products for creativity, where you can find excellent sets.Here are all provided with detailed instructions and is a very simple in execution, but the result is not worse than the masters.If

satisfying aesthetic taste sets was not, do not despair - calling for service all of their imagination, look around and ... buy out the wonderful mask for tie-dye (blank).Subject Venetian carnival to the liking of the majority of aesthetes.You can display patterns unpretentious, somewhere wrong and even put a spot where it is not planned, but the mask - this thing ... it is difficult to mess up (well, unless specifically try).In addition, all can be easily corrected (by putting a speck on the other side) and sagely say that the way it was intended!Do not hesitate, it really works!At the end you yourself will understand what happened just super!And, quite possibly want to leave the house a mask ( "This cow is needed most!").

for "deloputov»

For people serious business and some "fintyuflyushki" will not work.What a good laugh at!But this does not mean that the relevant gift with their own hands for such an individual is not possible.We here have a surprise for you!

Remember we mentioned decoupage technique?Well, in such cases it is true the place!Itself, this technique is designed to give a vintage look of things, the effect of expensive antiques.But these things are very elite business people favor.

You can find special decoupage card with stylized antique pictures and decorate them, for example, a small piece of furniture.Just imagine - a beautiful chair with printed image on the back of an old globe.Especially for the conqueror of the world!

can try and do something humorous from stationery - man of the staples or pencils.This piece can be put on the table in the office to set the mood.But remember that with such low-budget things important concept feed!So funny captions or labels must disclose the essence of a present fun!For example, a man of the buttons, you can make a small plate - "Such a serious, not podkolesh!", Well, or something else in the same spirit.

In a word, in this case there are two possible win-win situation - a luxury, nice or fun, the budget (but from the heart)!

For couch potatoes

This category has allowed just a bunch of birthday that "ride" can not in other cases.There will freestyle craft for home!

For example, an interesting decorative pillow embroidered with cute or just the original design of the tapes.To implement such a venture does not need to be a seamstress.Enough basic knowledge of thread with a needle and, if hands grow from where it is necessary, then all will be released just on "hurray".

You can choose the fabric for the pillowcases to match the sofa home favorite birthday (or, conversely, to find a contrasting color).Then you can wrap in a store and pick up cool accessories and decorative objects - interesting buttons, lace tape, small pendants or beautiful feather to decorate the center of the composition.Options here the mass!Samu pillow is better to choose small size - it is still planned as a decorative.

various panels or articles made of salt dough, polymer clay, etc., in short, a variety of decorative art, interior decorating gizmos, just created for couch potatoes congratulations!

For small

If you have to congratulate the child, then surprise him, of course, it will be easier, but it complicates the selection of subjects.On the one hand, it seems that colorful bunny made out of children's socks, be sure to take the baby attention, but on the other hand - suddenly this kind of toy is not for a moment will attract?It is therefore important to know the exact age of the little birthday boy, his preferences, tastes, and have little knowledge of child psychology.

Call to the aid of the whole data set of knowledge and come up with something that is not only surprising, but also, say, adequate.

For example, a boy who was interested in some comics and superheroes, branded statue will not afford, and parents, most likely, too (maybe not, but they are unlikely to want to "splurge" on it).And, if you work out with polymer clay, you will not be easy to make a rough copy.From the unexpected joy of a child likely breathless.It is important that a copy was really good.Then she immediately take its place on the shelf "treasures"!

other options.If the birthday girl loves cats, and especially the cartoon, popular incarnation - HelloKitty, then sew the bag with applique with this cartoon, or sew a stuffed toy Kitty not be easy.The network is full of detailed schemes to any color and taste.The child will be grateful not only for your consideration, and respect for his tastes and support them!

for "spermatozoa»

For athletes or those who are not accustomed to rest on the sofa, who is constantly in motion, we can offer an interesting and wildly cool gift option with their own hands.It may be some sports thing entirely made by you or a specially decorated.

you can buy at any sporting goods store T-shirt or T-shirt and put it in advance invented the comic logo, the name of your sports team or person nickname.Believe me, this thing is the birthday boy "wear out" to the holes.After you give him a living "brand" name itself (in the sense of not you and it), or "push" to maintain the team spirit in the team (whether a real team or not, or under the command you mean those rare moments when you choosewith tents outside the city).

You can decorate this way a sports jacket.The inscription or logo can be applied using special paints made by his own stencil or sew, or transfer onto the fabric using a special photo paper.On T-shirts and shirts - the same way!Plus do not forget that the additional decorative elements are not forbidden.This gift sure to fasten relations and will delight all guests!

For cynics

Yes, in this category we mean those same birthday, which gifts made with their own hands, do not inspire (in their holy belief) and do not cause delight (cynics word).And it happens, but it's not a reason to give up!We are in this situation and be able to throw them a call and emerge victorious!

This requires carefully look at what is always and in every situation makes this birthday wild delight.When the sought is found, there will be only properly and at the appropriate level to realize the idea to create a masterpiece based on the favorite hero of the festivities!

example, your birthday dreams of being the hero of the series "The Walking", and you take it, and handed him the whole installation of the figures that make up the frame of his favorite episode.Figures can be made from the same polymer clay or even be soldiers, pasted on them with zombie smiley face, and in the center of the composition on a figure it is necessary to stick a photo of the "Congratulations".Let rejoice!

can go through a simpler and again personally decorate a t-shirt or do something of jewelry in the category favorite series.Then adorable characters will always be close to the birthday boy.Any cynic turns into romance after your titanic, creative and "raznemozhnyh" effort!

Well, what we think, now that you know exactly how to make a gift for his birthday.The hands can create such an original and singular miracle, which no amount of money can not buy!Therefore, forward - enjoy the process of making and raduyte friends and loved ones!Good luck!