As in Dupa Maynkraft without cheating : guide

As in Dupa Maynkraft without cheating : guide
You will need:
  • Game Maynkraft
  • Computer
# 1

Game "Maynkraft" provides the user with plenty of opportunities for self-realization, so that she is popular with players of all ages around the world.You can realize here any architectural ideas or just practice in pixel-art, interact with the team, building a whole city or developing careers - or vice versa, to explore the whole exciting worlds alone.You can, after all, feel like a hero, defending the village from the invasion of the insidious monsters.Whichever path you choose in the game, sooner or later, before you can be a question as to Dupa "Maynkraft" without cheating.

# 2

Let us first sort out the terminology in order to avoid further misunderstandings.DUP in the game "Maynkraft" - The duplication of it (from the word dupe - duplicate, ie a doubling) in-game items using bugs in the game.Having learned about this method of extraction of resources, many players will light up the desire to resort to it.However, we want to warn you th

at on most of the servers of the game "Maynkraft" DUP denied regulations.If the server administrator will catch you on the use of bugs in the mercenary purposes, you are likely subjected to severe punishment, and the results of your game will be erased.So it is best to use the DUP only on your own server or.In extreme cases, make it so that it did not know anybody from strangers.

# 3

Cheat, cheat code, or - a special code that allows you to make the game world any changes, it is intended to create the world, gaming landscape, and so on the game's developer.But often such codes become known to users and are used to facilitate the passage, or for personal gain.We are with you will be interested in the answer to the question as to Dupa "Maynkraft" without cheating, because their use on most servers as illegal.

# 4

To Dupa in "Maynkraft" without cheating, was invented by a variety of ways, many of them work only on certain servers or by using certain mods game.We are interested in the most universal method of duplication of things that can be used anywhere.For example, such methods include DUP using pearl edge.For him, you'll need the actual pearl edge, chest, wooden plate and the item you want to propagate.Select a deserted place on the playing area, make sure that next to no spawns monsters.Set in the location of their own spawn point, to do this, call the command line by pressing t, u type in the command / sethome.Install the chest on chest, place the plate, which must be signed as follows: the first line, leave a blank, and the next three at one place.

# 5

Open the chest through a plate and place the items that are going to multiply.After that, the command line list the command / home, and immediately thereafter / spawn.You will find yourself in a random place.Here you need to throw up pearl edge.Immediately teleport home using already familiar commands / home and open the chest through the plate.Take things out of the trunk (which remain unchanged) and re-enter "home" team.Opening the chest through the plate, you find duplicates of those things that just took.Repeat the operation can be an unlimited number of times.

# 6

Dupa items without cheats can and another, simpler way.For him, you do not need pearls edge, but it is best if you will be helping a reliable friend.Also in this type of Dupa used all kinds of blocks, that you can put things, without fear that they will fall out - it's chest, stove, workbench or avtoverstak things or engines of bildkrafta or instruments of forestori.Set this unit to the floor and put it in the subject that are going to double, highlight it with the cursor.Now let your friend destroy the chest (or other unit used), and you at this time, holding the trunk open, quickly press the 1 key item will move with the belt in the chest, while breeding.That's the trick!

# 7

In the vastness of the Internet you can find many other ways to Dupa "Maynkraft" without cheating as configured by a specific server, or events, and universal.But before you use it, consider whether or not to kill the fun of the game, an important element of which is an independent resource extraction?If you do so, you must have a large amount of resources to build a grand structure, it may be wise to change the game mode to creative?