5 most popular women's claims to her husband

5 most popular women

So, what women claims against men, the most common?

1. Money

matter how much you may earn, it always all is not enough!And the coat from her last year's collection, wardrobe and poorer than Masha, and in general - a neighbor and her husband drove off to Florida, and you many years under the Turkish sun slacking!And the fact that her neighbor's husband - a successful businessman, and you - the average hand specialist, it apparently never occurred ...

Indeed, women's needs are sometimes endless!But as they say, happy is not the one who has many, but the one who is enough.To once and for all put an end to the financial issue at leisure analyze your family budget.Perhaps the blame irrational spending.Look for acceptable ways to save.Quit Smoking and instead of a fitness club for exercise at home - here in a year and a trip to warmer climes!But the wife is necessary to require certain restrictions.For example, eat less sweets and learn how to do a manicure at home!

worse when pet require truly i

mpossible.For example, the purchase of the prestigious foreign cars in honor of the 2,543th day of exploring.Or a diamond necklace in exchange for conjugal duty.Well, here it is necessary to ask: what for it is more important, money or your relationship?If the money is, then, perhaps, it is better to stay away from these women ?!

It is important for women to share a whim and do the necessary things.

eighth coat of valuable fur - this is certainly a whim.But buying a lipstick, a new perfume or going to the movies with friends without sacrificing the family budget - nice, though trifling little things that help a woman escape from the rigors of everyday life and not get depressed!

also important to remember that the getter function and the breadwinner is, for the most part, still on the man.Your task - to provide a decent and stable standard of living for your family, do not forget to indulge occasionally nice and pleasant trifles.Does not work?There are two exits.Either search for a job with higher earnings, or provide women the opportunity to build a career itself, and to take over some household chores.

2. Reluctance to share housework

How often, even the most strong love boat beating against the rocks of iron daily "bytovuhi"!And it is not in the unwashed dishes and dirty socks, and unwillingness to yield to each other.Hence - the numerous accusations and claims.

And actually so simple!If a woman and then pesters you asking for help around the house, act according to circumstances.So, you're working, and she stays home and does the housework.You have your own responsibilities in it - their own.Your task - to bring into the house of the notorious mammoth, its purpose - to cook out of it delicious hot and collect bones to the floor and wash clothes for the next hunt.Everyone in business, each in his place ... That's just from the heavy physical work (moving furniture, assemble a wardrobe, help his wife to bring heavy bags), even in this situation it is not necessary to take time off.

Another thing, if both family members to work and return home at about the same time.In this case, better half claims already well founded.Do not forget that women are too tired, and sometimes stronger than men.And the reluctance to cook dinner and spend spring cleaning is quite natural and understandable after a hard day's work.

But even in this situation, you can find a civilized way!Look closely at the experience of other families.Someone is drawing on duty, someone who lives on a "first come - and he is busy with the housework."And someone did allow finance and eat in the cafe and pay for a maid.What matters is that your decision to suit both!

And what if the wife is on maternity leave?It seems to be sitting at home, and at the same time absolutely nothing succeeds.Even claims shows: why, they say, from the store dumplings nose undone, so lazy to wash the floors?A tired after 18-hour working day for some reason not taken into account.

There is much more complicated.But a compromise can always be found.Namely: to hire a babysitter to invite to visit her grandmother, a pensioner, to take on evening walks and play with the baby, while the wife will cook you dinner.The main thing is not to leave his beloved alone with its problems.And then to alimony for long!

1. Reluctance to raise children

this point your missus rights to all 200%!Raising children should be dealt with both parents, period!Do not believe me?Read at your leisure Family Code!

And if changing diapers and washing diapers can with a clear conscience to entrust his wife, the "fashion" of this tiny lump of human - your common task.And here laziness have no place!Do not fight with his wife.Nurture your personal example.Most engaged with your child, read him books, learn correct behavior in everyday life and in society.Yes, you have less time than his wife.But education can be practiced during the rest!Even just to play ball with my son-preschooler will bring you both so much more rewarding than watching a football game alone!

2. addiction to alcohol

Another "fad" is not in your favor.Typically, moderate drinking is not a cause for quarrels.Women's criticisms begin with the time when drinking systematic breaches in the family budget, or affect the behavior of men.If the wife is often "nags" you for your passion for alcohol, it is an occasion to think about and to limit themselves to drinking.If we replace drinking other hobbies, it's easy!But if the rejection of nightly gatherings "a beer" (and even under the stronger drinks!) Is like for you to death, it may indicate the development of alcoholism.The most common option - to go to the reception to the expert in narcology.In the early stages of this serious illness can be successfully treated.

3. Jealousy

weaker sex strong jealous sometimes terrible!Oh, those wily beast sometimes notice it!And what will not notice, be sure to invent!Sometimes this takes the form of threatening.Sometimes even a sideways glance at the casual passer-by is a major cause of "showdown."

At the heart of female jealousy - fear, self-doubt and mistrust to the husband.But, paradoxically, the wrong husbands from the attacks of jealous wives does not suffer.In their arsenal - a lot of "excuses" for all occasions, which are able to convince even the most brutal revnivitsu.It is much worse for those who are faithful to his wife, but the constant accusations of non-existent connections already forced to step on the slippery slope of adultery.

What should I do?To begin with - easy to talk to, convince a spouse that infidelity is not and never will be, often speak words of love to her, to make small gifts, spending free time with his family.If this does not work, ask the woman to turn to a psychologist.Often pathological jealousy is nothing but as a mental disorder.Only here it is necessary to act with maximum caution and unobtrusively.

Generally, any problem can be solved through constructive dialogue.It usually happens with the appropriate people.But - just like that!