What is Mars really?

What is Mars really?
You will need:
  • looks like Mars
  • Mars as a planet
  • how to get to Mars
  • like to see Mars
  • how to fly to Mars
# 1

Many oncein the life of thought it looks like Mars.From the Earth to Mars it looks like a small red dot in the night sky.In reality it is a huge lifeless desert.Red sand and stones - that of which is comprised almost entirely surface of the planet.The sun does not shine as bright as on Earth.The atmosphere gives light reddish tint.In the evenings you can watch simultaneously two moons - Phobos and Deimos.

# 2

Mars as a planet is a ball, which is twice the size of Earth.The attractive force is three times less.So jumping on mono Mars to make a few meters long.Not rare sand storms that can cover the sun for several months.Mars is the highest mountain in the solar system - Olympus, over 20 kilometers high.

# 3

One of the priorities of puzzles for modern scholars how to get to Mars.Those who wish to have to stay in the spacecraft for nearly two years before you get to th

e planet.The atmosphere of Mars contains no oxygen, so it will need to be extracted from plants.According to recent studies, there is water on Mars.Moreover, while the problem is not solved protect humans from radiation, which Mars stronger than on the earth.

# 4

Red Planet is known since antiquity.How to see Mars?This can be done even with the naked eye.He stands out in the night sky strong enough brilliance and copper tint.Best of all the planet is visible before midnight.For better monitoring, you can use binoculars or amateur telescope.In 2018, the Mars will be closest to Earth.Then it will be possible to observe the best.

# 5

Back in the seventies, Soviet and American scientists have tried to answer the question - how to fly to Mars.Now the colonization of other planets is becoming more urgent.Modern technologies allow to fly to Mars.However, back - yet.In 2013, the year MarsOne project starts.As a result 4 people leave the Earth forever, to become the first colonizers of the new world.

# 6

Until the early 20th century, people believed that Mars is inhabited by living beings.The most famous literary work about it is the "War of the Worlds" by HG Wells.Now we know that's not true.However, in the past, this planet could resemble our native land.There is a theory according to which life on our planet was born precisely from Mars.And that might desert Mars began as a consequence of major man-made disaster.