How to distinguish from koverlok overlock : features overlock

How to distinguish from koverlok overlock : features overlock
You will need:
  • serger
  • koverlok
  • professional help
  • Internet
  • good vision
# 1

If you want to select a particular device for sewing, the choice can deliverto a standstill even a professional seamstress.Therefore it is useful to understand the details of the difference from the serger and koverloka rasposhivalnoy machine.When it comes to buying overlock, and when it is best to choose koverlok?So, the first machine called overlock actively used in serial and piece production of clothing and other apparel products, and is designed for professional overcasting woven and tissue sections.Koverlok - is another sewing device, which also handles the aforementioned sections, with flat joints further performs when working with jerseys.This is a more progressive model, which is also considered to be a universal and multi-functional, considerably facilitated work activity every dressmaker.

# 2

distinguish the two machines is a snap, just enough to see them.So, there is no hose overlock console,

because this car is not performing any work operations.It is only necessary for the rapid and qualitative sections overcasting while koverloka sleeve has a working surface of medium length.Accordingly, the design of both machines is markedly different that catches even the most inexperienced dressmakers in the eye.Most often it preferred koverloku, because you can not only beautiful and high-quality treated tissue environment, but also to carry out the work steps, making and repair of textile products.Sleeve length depends on the particular model, the latter instances offer a wide range of useful functions for seamstresses.However, despite these achievements and advantages, overlock relevance is still high, as in the performance of individual works, he is simply irreplaceable.

# 3

If the work will have to deal with loose and friable matter, which gives a lot of hassle in the processing structure, the better assistant than serger, just do not meet.It is this machine firmly fixes the edge of matter, and its thread in a few minutes to fix and allow to outline the contours of the textile.It is quite a penetration to all parts of the product have been Sew, excess tissue removed and cut nicely decorated without unnecessary threads.As koverloka, it's a cross between the overlock machine and stachivalnoy because the device generates a product by performing the basic stitches, and the quality processes the neck and bottom.It turns out that when tailoring individual products need to overlock completely disappears because it is considered koverlok improved and demand modification in practice.

# 4

When it comes to start-dressmaker, then his career is best to begin with the work on the overlock, because there is a simple to use, the opportunity to gain valuable experience and tremendous skills as well as a chance to consistently create his firstwoven products.In addition, not all newcomers manage to work with koverlokom, and some of its functions, and does seem to be beyond the bounds of reality.The use of advanced machine called koverlok more suitable professional seamstresses, who are able to work quickly and efficiently.This model significantly reduces the time interval for production of textile products, facilitates the process of tailoring itself and overcasting.Here the main thing - to adjust, and then koverlok would be the best helper and loyal colleague at work and at home.

# 5

both models differ not only on the technical characteristics, is also set to issue price.As experience shows, koverlok is an order of magnitude more expensive than its predecessor.The reason is that the machine has a few popular and useful features, but not limited to the treatment sections, as does the already classic overlock.If the financial capacity allows, it is best to buy a more advanced model that faithfully serve more than one year, at the same time replace several sewing tools.If sewing at home, the benefit is obvious: not only do not have to invest further, so also in the apartment and the room can significantly save.However, this option is more suitable multifunctional professional dressmaker, who have experience more than one year.

# 6

should also remind and structural differences, which have their own specifics.For example, in a classic overlock can count only two looper while koverloke three.The first model has 2 - 5 threads for processing the cut edges, while koverloki increase their number to ten.This basic differences end, although we should not forget about the design of a particular model.Thus, the touch screen may be present, embedded microcomputer, an additional table.This significantly facilitates the work of each seamstress, increases its productivity and lowers time costs.So that you should not skimp on such an important and promising purchase, the more that it is for a single year, and will work in the future.

# 7

If you are still have any questions on the topic: "Koverlok" what it is, and on what basis functioning machine - detail tells a professional seamstress.Also, a lot of valuable information can be found in the detailed instruction, which necessarily included with each sewing device.In general, both the first and second model must be available if the dressmaker professionally engaged in their craft, made his main occupation and source of income.