How to make soap at home : instructions

How to make soap at home : instructions
You will need:
  • baby soap or soap base
  • basic and essential high quality aromatherapy oils
  • dyes
  • various additives (honey, cream, ground coffee, sea salt and so forth.)
  • food foil and alcohol for greasing forms, and the forms themselves
  • warm distilled water, milk
# 1

recently, soap-making of ordinary hobby turned into a real science and philosophy, because that creates the mastersometimes amazing, and every day the number of techniques, methods and, as a consequence, more and more spectacular results is growing rapidly.Today There are three basic ways of how to make soap at home: soap "from scratch" (this method is rather complicated in design and, as a rule, it is widely used exceptionally qualified professionals), a product made soap-based andas a product, which is the base of any neutral baby soap without any additives.Samih recipes soap handmade soap base there is great variety and, in turn, can be divided into three main types: peeling means interspersed with all kinds of abrasiv

e soaps and various aromatic additives.

# 2

And if the first means can be attributed to the effectiveness of cosmetic products, which is able to solve a number of pressing problems such as peeling of the face and body in order to eliminate blackheads and clean pores of dirt, as well as an effective fight against cellulite,the second type of soap can be called a real art object.Absolutely natural composition, mouthwatering flavor, high plasticity of the material, which allows him to cast out the most bizarre forms - it's only the main characteristics of the product, which is sometimes so impressive and looks even more appetizing that it is used as an exclusive gift.The easiest way to cook a homemade soap, is to purchase a special set for soap making, which includes all the necessary components and detailed instructions.

# 3

buy such a kit can be either in the online store or in specialized departments "all for creativity."If this is not possible, to cook a beautiful and fragrant soaps can be yourself using for this purpose the already existing means at hand.For example, an elementary way home soap making is one of the foundations of which used an ordinary baby soap.The process itself involves the following stages: a bar of soap, which must first be a little hold in a warm place, rub on a grater, then add warm water, milk, or a mixture thereof (the proportions are as follows: two bars of soap on the three glasses of fluid), fatty oils such asalmond or olive usual and melted all in a water bath to completely dissolve the solid component.Then comes the turn of various additives that can turn an ordinary soap in the exclusive product.

# 4

And their range of truly amazing, and what kind of additives or combinations to give preference to its own - especially individual case.In turn, these auxiliaries can be divided into three main groups: anti-cellulite, direct purpose of which is the effective fight against the so-called "orange peel" in problem areas;cosmetology, used for delicate care of the delicate and problematic skin, as well as decorative, able to give the soap a bright and original look.The first category includes cinnamon, honey, large sea salt, ground coffee beans, oat flakes, corn poppy.In the second case, the ideal cosmetic additives can be clay, cream, vitamins, lemon peel and so on. The third group is equally important, because it is using its main components, manufactured products can give a spectacular view.

# 5

For these purposes, you can use all sorts of dried flowers (daisies, pale lavender purple, bright orange calendula), decorative sequins, colored soap flakes, and natural dyes.For example green can be achieved through the introduction of parsley juice or the usual brilliant green, brown - with the help of melted chocolate or instant coffee, yellow and orange - the introduction of turmeric or saffron, and red - sandalwood powder.The most impressive looks soap in Provence style pale lilac color with the addition of lavender flowers, soap in a nautical theme (transparent aquamarine bars or turquoise-blue shells, molded with special silicone molds), pieces with splashes of colored soap chips, soap with a milky "pulp ", pink-red jacket and grains poppy, imitating the famous fruit Pitahaya, etc.

# 6

as for soap making method based on the soap base, which can also be purchased at any store that implements various art supplies, thethe principle of this technology is about the same procedure, with the difference that, ideally, completely replace the water with warm milk or cream.The calculation involves the use of one teaspoon of the foundations of three teaspoons of liquid dairy products.The use of water often results in a product that is already frozen state begins to delaminate.If soap base or rubbed baby soap dissolves very poorly, then it is possible to add a little sugar or honey or, at the very least, use a conventional mixer.To tide the finished mass is best to use a variety of silicone molds previously lined with foil or moistened with alcohol or a special shaped seal.