How to use a knitting machine for the house ?Recommended Use

How to use a knitting machine for the house ?Recommended Use
You will need:
  • knitter
  • yarn and thread
# 1

According to a recently conducted social polls among young girls in recent times there has been a tendency to increase in people interested in knitting in Russia.Now in stores a huge number of various knitting machines, with which you can create a truly unique and beautiful things.Knitting machines for the home come in several forms: there are low cost options that stand in the range of 10 000 rubles, and the middle class device, the price of which varies between 10 000 and 25 000, and premium vehicles.The main difference between them is the number of threads, simultaneously with which the unit can operate, as well as in the presence of punch-card devices.

# 2

Before using the machine knitting, should prepare a yarn which, firstly, does not have any knots, and secondly, be suitable for your type of device.If the type of yarn will not meet the specified in the machine, in the best case possible to spoil the yarn, and at worst - to break the

device.Training includes how to rewind, processing a variety of materials, warning moult, and washing if necessary.knitting process will be much easier and more quality by using high quality yarn prepared, any jerks the car will not give, and the product itself will turn out smooth and beautifully bound.Normally, new to knitting actually use soft wool yarn, for example, a simple scarf, decorative napkins and small towels;more experienced people fall into in due course on synthetic.

# 3

Fast yarn is usually done with the help of a special device that is present in any modern knitting machine.When using the thread will not jump, which in turn will give the same length and width of the product.Even if the yarn will not ride in a chaotic manner, it is imperative to see to it that the stretched thread came evenly, without jerks;otherwise the density of the resulting product will be in individual sections vary widely.

# 4

If skein yarn, there are many inextricable knots, the best solution is to remove the problematic part, because they can cause damage to the needle knitting machine for the home.To impart smoothness and elasticity of the yarn can be processed in the process of winding it a small piece of wax or other similar in composition and material.This has a positive impact both on the final result of the production, as well as on the overall work of the knitting machine: the total load on the needle, as well as on the carriage to decrease slightly.

# 5

Once all the yarn has been prepared, it is necessary to pull out of the coil and thread the end of it in the hole located at the front (thread guide).Each skein must be at a sufficient distance from each other, if the machine allows multiple threads that prevents premature their connection.In order to more coils and rolled across the table to the floor as a result of unwinding, you can put them in a plastic container.

# 6

The thread must be stretched through a special device is stretched between the existing metal disks (not to waste time on premature paraffin treatment can be further lubricate them drives).The end of the thread must be put to the carriage of a knitting machine, which consolidate its existing fixture.It is particularly important at this stage to follow the thread to pull, as well as clamping force, if the thread is not strong is pressed, it will trigger the appearance of half-mast loops.

# 7

for finer yarn requires more force applied to the clamping device, for thick - less;usually regulated by a special force of a disk mechanism.When you change the position of the disc should be again pull the thread, in order to avoid later gradually weakening grip exerted pressure.Set the carriage typically includes two simple steps: switch must be set to "plain weave", and both the existing lever or toggle interlacing must be in the starting position, occasionally referred to as "0".In the accompanying instructions to the knitting machine is usually specified in the schematic below to find the right numbers of levers.

# 8

To form the first row of the future product, you need to slowly move the carriage to the right side so as to knit the needles remain on the other side.Always after the completion of a number of provyazyvaniya should check the quality of the resulting nodes, so it was possible to tie them further or do dissolve.The next series is to trail in the opposite direction from the primary side.Professionals working with knitting machines are turning their attention to the fact that the start knitting in the opposite direction is possible only after the carriage depart from the needle at a distance of 4-7 cm (the exact distance is usually specified in the instructions).

# 9

move in the knitting process the carriage back, wanting to flash any site is prohibited, you can only remove it completely from the needle bed (this is done via a dedicated button, which is located on the rear panel of any of the knitting machine).Some knitting machines have punch-card device, which is capable of a certain way prodelyvat holes in the material, which is especially needed to create any patterns.With such a device does not require constant transfer carriage in different positions, but rather using the levers available to set up a specific tailoring.Acquire knitting machine, it is desirable with such a device, as knit things without it will be very long and tedious.