You decide what to call the girl in December?We show you how better to call the girls !

You decide what to call the girl in December?We show you how better to call the girls !
You will need:
  • Knowledge of church traditions
  • spoken beliefs
  • Targeting season
  • list of popular names
  • list of favorite names
  • Reference to identity the child
# 1

What do you call a girl - always a topical issue that every family decides on its own.For example, many parents, solving the question of how better to call the girl based on church traditions.When deciding what to call the girl in December, it is important that the date of birth of the baby during the day coincided with the celebration of a saint.For example, a baby born December 9 better called Anna, and the girl should be called Anfisa or Victoria was born on 8 December.Also in the winter months, the child can be called Angelina, Anastasia, Sofia, Juliana.On some days do not fall calendar of any women, so choose the name of the baby is based on adjacent dates.It is believed that naming a daughter calendar, parents provide her a happy and successful future.In the December birthday and have very strange names, such as Cypria

n, Sosa and Solomon, which is hardly a modern look and feel their parents.

# 2

What do you call a girl, born in December - an issue that can be solved even with the help of signs.For example, it had the belief that babies born in the first month of winter, it is best to call Pauline names Vera, Irina, Natalia.It is believed that choosing a name for her daughter, the parents provide for the baby's future success in all your endeavors.There are not the best names for crumbs, born in December.For example, it is believed that the girl should not be called Alla, Elena, Tatiana.Most likely, the share of a baby born in December, will drop a lot of life's trials.All other names are neutral, and therefore, they can also be chosen for a daughter in December.The reasons for these will take up today's parents are not there yet, but many moms wanting to make their happy babies prefer to follow the legends.

# 3

Another way to come up with an interesting name for a girl - a focus on the time of year when the baby was born.What should we call her daughter in December of original and interesting?For the baby, born in the winter, ideal Snezhanna name.Many parents stop on the choice of this name in the event that on the day of the appearance of the crumbs into the light it was snowing.Another interesting name - Dekabrina.In the Soviet Union it they enjoyed great popularity, but now the demand for it has fallen sharply.The more adventurous parents and all may call girl winter, with an emphasis on that season, when the baby was born.Choosing original name for his daughter, parents should take into account its combination with the name and patronymic.Also, do not choose too extravagant options, because the baby can hurt peers in school and in kindergarten.

# 4

Now there is a fashion in the original, and even a little strange names with Western accent.Young mothers gladly follow this fashion, preferring really unusual options.What do you call a daughter in December, so it was really nice?Now the popular names of Milan, Yesenia Karina, Zlata, Katarina.Such names may still not quite settled down in Russia, but they are perfectly sound in European style.Another advantage of such an original choice - all these options are well combined with almost any patronymic.If one parent has foreign roots, and because of this, the girl unusual, non-Russian name, the original name will sound even better, emphasizing the individuality of the girls.Here the most important thing - do not move the border, and not too extravagant to choose a name that is difficult to even pronounce.

# 5

course, every young mother can be a list of the most favorite names, and it all depends on individual taste.Someone loves the simple, but beautiful and sonorous options, such as Anastasia, Catherine, Maria and Natalia.Some people also prefer a more original, but still classic names such as Eugene, Alice, Christine, Olesya.Another great source of inspiration - favorite artists, actors and writers.Wanting to reward the child a part of another person's talent, many mothers prefer the bright names of celebrities.For example, girls are increasingly called Angelina in honor of the famous Hollywood actress, who won the world not only with his talent but also an incredible visual appeal.In total there are hundreds of beautiful and interesting female names, and to facilitate the selection, the expectant mother should advance a list of your favorites.

# 6

Many young mothers say that the name of the little girl to choose in advance is impossible, and it is important to focus on the girl's appearance.If the parents can not determine the choice, you should not despair.Usually, as soon as a girl is born, the parents, looking at her for the first time, determined with a suitable name.Here the most important thing is to match the selected option character baby, her appearance and came under the father's name and father's name.Perhaps the chosen name and is not overly original, but for the parents it would be best.