How to organize a children's holiday camp for children ?

How to organize a children
You will need:
  • scenarios events
  • Sightseeing
  • Camping gear: tents, sleeping bags, backpacks
  • Costumes
  • bus to transport children
# 1

Children restcan be of different directions: to the parents and without, collective and individual, country or city, in the country or abroad, as well as preventive, health and fitness, and so on.Most often parents choose holidays in summer camps, that is organized.Sending children to summer camp, the parents hope that the rest of their children will be organized at the appropriate level.This means that the child should not only be timely fed and put to bed, though, this is not important enough.The children's camps, where the work is put on a professional level, children need to be constantly busy.The activities of the institution staff and teachers aimed at providing leisure and recreational activities during the school holidays.

# 2

organization of summer camps for children in children's health institutions is of paramount importance.No single tech

nique, following which it is possible to organize a vacation of several groups of children.Finding little man among peers is a collection of his spiritual and moral, aesthetic and cognitive activity.Caught without parents in an unfamiliar environment, he learns to adapt to the team as children such as he masters the basics of social existence and communicate with children and adults.Children's camp in this case acts as a platform for improvement, development of creativity, communication skills, artistic, sporting, technical development of the individual.

# 3

We organize children's holiday camps for children on the basis of a suburban area, school (day camp without overnight stay), campsites (Camping), sports, as well as specialized databases for teenagers.Placement in institutions designed for children and young people from 6 to 18 years.To create a place of leisure and recreation for children at schools, boarding schools, houses of culture.Initiate camp organization can companies, trade union and civil society organizations, private individuals.Some camps operate all year round, these include health and preventive category.Other, open to children only for the summer or any other time period.Under the establishment of fixed base should be given, where organized food and accommodation, in addition to campgrounds.

# 4

kids, going to camp, associate his stay there with freedom from parental care, from school duties, to communicate with their peers and make new friends.The main thing for a child to make it fun and not have to do anything.Adults try to fill children's health recreation not only new experiences, but also to fill the leisure to certain content.Establish children's activities in the framework of their interests and hobbies, to expand their horizons, to attach to the work activity, cognitive activity in travel, sports, creativity.All activities on vacation aimed at self-realization of pupils, their self-rehabilitation, education, education, general health or disease prevention available.

# 5

For those who organize vacation in children's camps, the main question is what to do with school children on vacation.Cases of children's groups, which are combined in the children who come to the camp for the age categories are very diverse.Among them are certain categories of cases.One of the most important and commonly used in children's groups form representation, which is based on the show, an interview, a ritual.These include the line (the ritual of building the children, the presence of speakers);and a concert performance (demonstration of coherent actions or individual rooms);contests and competitions;debate (presentation with the statement, and the clash of opinions);Lecture (informative monologue);Meeting about the event with the performance of individuals on a particular topic.

# 6

important for children's leisure and recreation is organizing the excursion program, which is based on the journey of children pre-selected route.the game may lie in the basis of travel.Move on the ground there is compliance with the established rules and ends up reaching the goal.As a result, children are given the emotional charge and moral satisfaction, complemented by physical (if the game is racing) or intellectual load.The tour is a moving group to explore and gain knowledge on the subjects of art, architecture, learn more about the lives of famous people, get to know the great historical events.Walking involves traveling long distances, the contemplation of nature, halts.

# 7

In contrast to the above presented forms of entertainment, there are cases where there is no master and slave, where all are part of the action.Such forms include intermediate character dance program - playing music with dancing.Of interest to children in the evening communion, where they discuss topics of interest (gatherings, parties).For leisure activities include jointly organized activity.For example, preparation for the play or concert - the development and implementation of the planned scenario involving the maximum number of children.Fair - entertainment, designed to involve as many participants in the rides, motivated giveaways.