How to choose the best option recreation for children in Bulgaria?

How to choose the best option recreation for children in Bulgaria?
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# 1

With the approach of the holiday season and summer holidays for children whose parents are thinking aboutchildren's holiday organization.The most optimal option child hanging over the holidays will be a children's summer camp.If the child is old enough and independent, in the foreground, he is communicating with peers.Where it does not in the camp, you can find new friends and have fun.In addition, the child will feel their separateness from the ubiquitous eye moms can learn to make their own decisions and get out of difficult situations in everyday life and in communication.In addition to the social adaptation of the child will get a sun bath, swim in the sea, to receive a regular healthy diet.The camp provides sports activities and competitions, concerts and other entertainment for children.

# 2

defined the type of holiday for your child, you need to choose the camp where he was going.In the marke

t for tourist services offered lots of options, learning that the parents most likely choose resorts in Bulgaria.Improving institutions for children in the territory of the country comply with the most scrupulous parents.Prices in the Bulgarian resorts is also very affordable.Bulgaria last decade is developing very rapidly.Priority directions of its development - a resort vacation, offered in the resort towns whole complexes for rehabilitation, recreation, family, families with young children, youth and children's tourism.The network of camps for children from different countries will select the best solution for the rehabilitation and recreation of the child separately from the parents.

# 3

Bulgarian resorts are classified into the direction of the hotel and offers relaxation.Many children's camps concentrated in the small village of Kranevo.In close proximity are the larger tourist centers Albena (5 km) Golden Sands (12 km), Varna (27 km).Specialize pensions Kranevo on rest of children and youth.The coastal zone is very comfortable beaches - bottom flat, shallow depth without sharp fluctuations, there is no strong currents, the water warms up quickly.The coastline with sandy beaches stretching for 6 km along the sea.The village is located in the south-east coast of Bulgaria.There's a dry and warm climate, the season lasts from May to September.Every year thousands of children come to Kranevo, for which all the conditions are created: swimming pools, cafes, tennis courts, concert halls and discos.

# 4

For children the resort delivers a special bus, accompanied by a group of camp employee, speaking in Russian.Many children's recreation and entertainment venues situated in the large resort town of Sunny Beach.This is - crowded place that is able to provide any vacation - there bored just do not have.After determining the child to a children's center, parents will be able to arrange a holiday for themselves.On the territory of Sunny Beach is located about 800 hotels, caf├ęs, 250 restaurants, cinemas and concert halls.There are concerts, festivals, fashion shows and other interesting events.Getting to the point of a holiday with your child, do not worry, as it will get.Directly in the children's parents will appreciate the hotel accommodation.

# 5

planning a vacation in Bulgaria, summer camp, parents should choose in advance after reading reviews and getting full information in a travel agency.In Bulgaria, there is an unwritten rule that determines the age category of children for each race.So in June, the smallest pensions take a rest at the age of 9 years old, in July come the children of 12-14 years, in August, rest youth and young adults from 14 to 18 years.Arrival is possible every week.As a rule, children's recreation organized at the highest level.Main power is supplied three times a day, children are encouraged to "buffet", where they can take what they like best.More snacks are provided - one or two different camps in different ways.In the hotel are cafes, shops that sell sweets, fruit, and other snack.

# 6

It is important to pay attention to the location of the hotel complex.The catalogs often indicate the distance from the sea in meters or minutes.This figure corresponds to reality, if we move in a straight line.In fact, on the way to the beach is located another guest house with a fenced yard, it may belong to the same part of the coast and a bathing area.It will turn out that the sea will need to go much longer, skirting the fences and buildings.It is necessary to check that the beach at the camp was a single rather than a city-wide, which are cleaned twice a week.Pool in the territory of the institution - a big plus, especially when the sea is far away from the beach.However, the pool is chlorinated water, its dimensions are generally not large, so swimming is not organized in such a way as it would be in the open sea.

# 7

Entertainment offered a children's camp, no less important component for a successful vacation.We need to ask in advance what's inside your leisure time in the chosen institution.Usually in Bulgarian children's hotels offer a choice of many excursions.This list can show a travel agency at the stage of buying the tour.As soon as you can and buy a trip, but you can give your child extra money with him, so he decided on the spot with the excursion program for yourself.For details of travel agencies and the hotel may vary.The children's camps are working animators who do not give children to be bored.It is also worth to ask in advance the presence of in-room facilities and the number of children in the room.In Bulgaria, it is - 3-5 persons, rooms have air conditioning, refrigerators and televisions.