How to get on the waiting list to kindergarten ?

How to get on the waiting list to kindergarten ?
You will need:
  • kindergarten
  • Education Department
  • benefits
  • birth certificate
# 1

With the advent of a child in addition to the pleasant worries parents are already thinking about howhow to give to the kid a decent pre-school education.And if you look at the situation as a whole, it can be horrified at how much hard to arrange it in kindergarten.This situation is absolute in every city of the country.The problem is that a lot of kids, and local authorities are not sufficient to provide them with a place, t. To. They simply do not.Many parents, especially that suit to preschool for the first time, is considered one of the most difficult issues - it's like to stand in the queue to the kindergarten, but practice shows that even after the performances they realize that it was the easiest step.The main task is to find out to which area include a kindergarten, in which parents are willing to arrange your child, or a preschool areas reserved for families.Depending on this, and it is necessary

to apply to the Department of Education of the city administration, or in the Education Department of the district administration in the city (which is inherent in megacities).List of submitted documents all the standard - is the passport of parents with registration in the respective region (can be the passport of one parent), the child's birth, as well as the application for statement on the turn, which will be given all the data of parents and the child (but this is optional for each individualcities) .After that fixed a certain number of the child, which means the place it occupies in the queue.It is formed anew each year, so the sooner the baby was born, the more it is likely to get into kindergarten at the time.Home immediately after the baby to try to get a birth certificate - which is the main document for the child device.

# 2

also much important if the family has benefits for the child in the preschool unit.Their list can be specified in the Department of Education or the social protection of the population.For example, they can take advantage of a large family, children with only one parent, and have a family of war veterans and the disabled.No exception in this case are the children who are disabled and children of employees of law enforcement bodies.If such facilities are available, then the submission of documents for queuing, you must provide documents confirming their presence.To date, the major cities already working staging system in place through the Internet.When assigning numbers, parents still need to confirm this set of documents.And no one here is not binding, ie. E. When changing the place of the family residence in the city, you should not have to get up to turn again in the new area.In cities where the system works electronic queue, you can also monitor through the Internet for a place in the garden.If this is not possible, it is necessary from time to time to visit the city Department of Education to clarify the information on how much advanced number.This should be done at least 2 times a year.When all fit in kindergarten education department staff will contact parents for the contact information that was specified when the registration number.By law children must be provided with a place in a kindergarten from three to seven years.There was a bill in which all regions are obliged to pay compensation for not provided in time to a place (ie. E. To 3 years).But in practice it is not accepted, only certain regions on their own have decided to give these funds (about 6000 rubles).Such cities in the country units.