Experienced dads know how to retell a story

You will need:
  • Tale
  • Pope
  • Toys
  • Masks
  • Patience
# 1

Pope for a child is a very important person, we can say that the whole universe.When dad is a child-centered approach and a new point of contact, it is certainly beautiful.If dad pays attention to your child, using skazkoterapii, the child increases self-confidence and love awakens all living things.So, how to retell a story, knowing its content?Easily and with love.Tips Pope: read the story and in the story use pauses and intonation.Techniques retelling tales enough, the main thing is not to get lost and come up on the move, watching the expression on the child's face.

# 2

Many dads are interested in the question of how to continue the story.To tell a story you can use toys, which are in the presence of a child.Using visual methods of presentation, the child can easily observe and perceive the story of his father.The child begins to not only listen, but also to watch.Thus, developing several types of thinking: visual perception

and auditory thinking.This contributes to the development of speech baby.Moreover, you can tell the tale himself, dressed in various costumes and using masks, putting them on the face, the Pope thus further help the child to enter the country of dreams and fantasies.

# 3

There are dads who have entered into a rage, and think how to write a children's story and then retell it as a child.To do this they will need imagination, fantasy, special tone and time.One should be involved in writing the child's tale, which will prompt the Pope, what topic should inform him what to write, what to write in the text of a fairy tale.So, you need to write a story based on the fact that the Pope wants to bring a child!That is what he wants him to teach!Compassion Is, desire to work, condemnation of laziness or taking care of other people, all of this can be found in children's books!And, of course, is to know your child!Writing a story in such a way, it is possible in the future to easily summarize, focusing on the events in the work that he and the baby proposed to amend the storyline.

# 4

How can I begin to retell the tale?Traditionally!To do this, you must come up with an interesting beginning, and some phrases, such as: '' zhili- were '', '' one '' or '' a long time ago. ''In fact, start a story is not difficult.The main thing - is its essence, and that the Pope wants to bring the baby.Again, it is better to focus on the sense of a fairy tale, and not the way it was written.But in case, if the head does not come to mind as to retell a story, the question may arise: how to read fairy tales to children?To do this, use patience to try to enter into the image of the main characters in the works for a more colorful and expressive semantic load transfer tales.