How to disassemble the arena : guide

How to disassemble the arena : guide
You will need:
  • Adjustable wrench
  • screwdriver with Phillips tip
  • Screwdriver with handpiece
  • Craft
# 1

there are models Among the many kinds of arenas collapsible and permanentstructure.And if the first, as a rule, there is no problem, then the second is often necessary to seek help from the outside.Therefore, many parents are wondering how to disassemble the arena alone.The initial stage of the disassembly of the arena is to disconnect all other elements mounted on it.It may be hanging on the handles toys or external shelves for things, and much more.All items that are not the basis of the arena must be removed to avoid interference with future dismantling.

# 2

next step, you must remove its cover.In cases when, as a wall covering of the arena used wood, use a screwdriver to detach the panels from the main structure.There are cases when the attachment of the arena to hold on nuts and bolts, then you need to use a wrench during disassembly.If the arena walls are made of cloth or oi

lcloth is important to remember how to build an arena "Jetem", or any other arena brand whose models are the owner.The reason is that in many cases there is dismantling the panels in the reverse sequence of assembly, will be a useful guide view.

# 3

The third step in the dismantling of the arena is the dismantling of the main frame structure.Whereas in the past the parents wondering how to choose a playpen, gave their preference to those who have assumed greater mobility, they do not require disassembly of the frame, as they supposed to quickly emerge as an umbrella or folding chair.In cases where the model is fixed, it is necessary via an adjustable wrench to disconnect the leg of the frame.

# 4

The next step is the dismantling of the arena dismantling the frame.At this stage, a lot depends on the type of arena.On the question of how to choose a playpen for children, depending on the form, it is extremely difficult to answer.Among the square, oval, round or even triangular no optimal solution.However, the easiest frame when disassembling the arena is a square, and the most difficult round.In addition, it should also take into account that is a frame structure, it is made of rigid materials, or is flexible.In the first case, it is critical not to disturb the integrity, and in the second - not result in loss of shape.

# 5

final stage showdown arena is its packing and moving.It should be noted that the easiest option for the assembly and disassembly of the arenas is a playpen bed.On the question of how to disassemble a playpen bed, you can answer that it is formed or a book, or umbrella, depending on the specific model.They also included a handy bag, which will effortlessly take with you anywhere in the crib.