How to choose a child 's name on behalf of the parents ?How to choose a Russian boy name ?

How to choose a child
You will need:
  • Name
  • mother's father's name
  • Middle child
# 1

Select the name of the baby on behalf of the parents - not an easy task, but solvable.To start list the names of the parents on the paper, so it will be easier to perceive sounds and letters.If your name begins with a consonant, then the child's name is also better to come up with a consonant letter.Your name must be in tune.And if both names begin with vowel - and then it is necessary to choose the child's name is similar.When the name of the mother and father begin with different letters - in this case, the choice can be anything.It is not necessary to invent a name to voiced consonants, if couples names begin with the deaf.This can cause conflicts between the characters.

# 2

Choosing baby name entirely lies with the parents.But sometimes at odds worth listening to the older generation - to the grandparents.Sometimes they know such bizarre and beautiful old Russian names that parents do not think twice and called the ch

ild.For example the name of Svyatoslav very nice and conformable, and it Old Slavic, and in today's society are not particularly in demand.Such names are rare, but they add flavor to the Russian family.There are the names of other people who quietly go into Russian.And recently it has become fashionable to call the children English names - John, Melissa.

# 3

Choose the name of the child can also use the names of the directories.Such books are usually sold in stores, there are millions of different children's names, the names of various nationalities and peoples of Russia, you can even choose at random.If a couple can not decide, then let conjecture to a specific page and line in the book of names, it is very interesting that the original and fateful names can be selected.The main thing is to select a name at random like it, it does not contradict any religious preferences -That sounds and consonant.If the store does not have such books can be seen on the internet and order them.

# 4

Equally important is the combination of first name and patronymic of the child.If the surname begins with a vowel, it is best that the child's name is contrasted with it, it ends in a consonant.For example, Viktor Ivanovich, Oleg, Stepan Alexandrovich.If a pair of girl, then move on behalf of the patronymic to the contrary should be softer.In this case it is better if the transition is to be vowels - Julia Antonovna, Svetlana.If the child's surname begins with a consonant - in this case the name can be any.Two consonants give a good clear emphasis, such as Anton M., Alexander V..

# 5

Before you choose your child's name on behalf of the parents need to think above all about the child.He will have to live with this name forever.Coming up with the name it is necessary to compare the pros and cons.Sometimes rare, are not very familiar name spoils man all his life, and he later it just changes.This can lead to psychological problems for the child in the future.Some parents spoil their children life strange and incomprehensible names, and then all the remaining time regret it.Therefore, adults need to understand all the responsibility that rests upon them.