How to get on the waiting list to kindergarten in Yekaterinburg ?

How to get on the waiting list to kindergarten in Yekaterinburg ?
You will need:
  • child's birth certificate
  • Help from the clinic
# 1

queue to kindergarten usually large, so procrastinate on this issue can not be.To start, visiting the pediatrician on your site, ask the nurse to write you a certificate for kindergarten.Be careful - the address of residence and residence address indicated separately, otherwise you will be assigned is not the same garden, which was planned to go.Help please read that it was written correctly.Check the date of birth of the child, his name.Sometimes several of these wrong numbers can lead to a fatal error, the child will have no garden, and my mother have to give it away already paid a similar institution.

# 2

Sometimes before puzzled with the question how to get up on the waiting list to kindergarten, you need to think about whether your child should go to.Now, many modern mothers themselves can take care of the baby and give it to the pre-school.In the kindergarten the child is frequently ill, quickly picks up the res

piratory disease.As a result, the child patient is sitting with his mother in the hospital.Therefore, we must weigh the pros and cons, to understand whether the child have to go to kindergarten.Sometimes a mother can give your baby a lot more attention and care, and communication with peers can occur in the yard, on the playground.Well, if a mother has a familiar friend with young children.Then they can come to visit.

# 3

Yekaterinburg fairly large city, so before you enroll in kindergarten need to select it.In the area of ​​residence is sometimes several gardens in the courtyard.It is necessary to carefully examine all the gardens, their personnel, approaches to teaching kids.Many of the new gardens are being built right now, along with a swimming pool.It is very convenient and useful, so if there are any in the area, it is best to write down the child's back.The new gardens young and have not yet experienced staff, and in the age to old usually nurses.Here every mother decides to herself, no one would suggest not.Young babysitter often go on maternity leave, the constant change of the kindergarten staff is not the best way affect the child.

# 4

After receiving help from the clinic need to take it, photocopy of the birth certificate of the child and go in early.It will decide the question of how to stand up to all the kindergarten in Yekaterinburg.By place of residence will offer two - three kindergarten, and then the mother herself already choose to give a child.In early will be given a certificate that says when to call and clarify about the garden, usually in about a year.Mom calls and specifies which of the proposed Early garden decided to give a child.This is in order not to fly with the queue in kindergarten.The sooner you can also ask all the questions to find out what the existing gardens, which are closed for repair.

# 5

main thing is not to forget that taking help from the clinic as early as possible, it is possible already at the first - second visit local pediatrician.This is in order to get in line as soon as possible, otherwise you can wait a long time and never get into the garden.Sometimes mommy forget about kindergarten, and when the recall is already very late.But even in these cases, do not despair and lose heart, you can always find a way out.You can give a child in the developing societies, such as the English language.The truth is it will be a fee, but if there is no alternative, you'll have to settle for this and that.If there are grandparents who can sit down with your child, it will be a good alternative to the kindergarten.

# 6

When choosing a kindergarten should pay attention to a number of factors - how long ago it was built in the yard to collect feedback about the staff.Sometimes a friend can tell you what - the important facts about the garden, such as educators are children, there were some - a dangerous incident in the garden or not.In today's world there are different things, sometimes nurses are rude to the kids, and the kids do not tell their parents, and are silent.Such cases are rare, but anything can happen and you need to try to protect her baby.The best way ahead to meet future teacher, to discuss all the important points to take telephone contact.Then it will be quieter and mother and child.

# 7

In some gardens there are music classes, painting classes, gymnastics.All this should be taken into account, because the child may be musical or other disposition.How to get on the waiting list to kindergarten with a bias?The circuit is the same as in the conventional garden.There are also therapeutic gardens, such as a kindergarten with speech therapy bias.This garden will put it right kid, teach him to pronounce the sounds and will deal with it.This is very important, especially if a child falls behind in the development of their peers.There are even health gardens, which passes gymnastics for the spine, removed various diseases such as flat feet, slouch.Usually this specialized gardens, so they do need additional help from the clinic.