How to retell the tale ?

How to retell the tale ?

In ordinary life we ​​do not even think about how important it takes skill of the correct restatement of the text.For a child this is an important exercise for the development of speech, but it is not limited to the value of retelling.It begins with a restatement of the understanding and analysis of the text, that is the key to successful learning in high school.So - for the cause.

began to teach the child retelling better with some interesting tales.Select a product of classic children's literature with your child, make sure the baby's reaction when reading.If the tale he clearly liked - it will be a good material for retelling.Later, you can go to the less interesting tales to the child, because the understanding of the text is important, regardless of whether the child likes it or not.It is possible and even necessary to take a story that you read with your baby more than once.

good exercise at the first stage will be a continuation of the phrase.Start proposal, allowing the child to finish it, as

I remember.If the tale is familiar to your child after a while, try to turn the tables: it will begin sentences and you finish them.

Try to turn the process of retelling the game.For example, you can offer a child finger puppets and offer together to role play a story that you want to summarize.Alternatively, the child can tell a bedtime story to their toys as well, you tell her.

Try reading a method of discussion.After honoring the tale, set the child questions.For the little ones, you can choose simple questions related to the actions of the characters, for example, where to go this or that character, what he found and what he did to find.Older children can propose questions to the judgment and evaluation of whether it was right to do so, as did the hero as could have been done differently, whether a character kid like and why.

You can then move on to the restatement of the image.Take the colorful illustrations to read the story and ask your child to tell you what is happening on it.Remember with him to before and what happened next.

So, gradually, playing and, of course, reading a lot, you will come to the fact that the child learns to retell the story.