How to make a playpen for a baby with their own hands ?

How to make a playpen for a baby with their own hands ?
You will need:
  • rim
  • boards podium
  • Linoleum
  • finishing materials
  • Latch and
  • loop
# 1

Arena - it is a necessary thing for many familiessmall children.How to make the arena with their own hands?This will require a little effort and patience, but the result is worth it.First of all, this arena is more convenient and more durable, in addition, it can be a lot stronger and more compact than purchased.So, first of all, make room for the arena against the wall, it is better in the corner.

# 2

Now you need to carefully mark out the dimensions of the future arena.The walls need to fix the soft bumpers.Use purchased bumpers or create your own design.This will require padding polyester or other soft material, bright cloth and a little imagination.Make sure that the bumpers are securely fastened and of sufficient height and growing up the child does not hit his head on the wall.

# 3

How to build an arena next?It is necessary to make the podium for the arena.A small hill is very comfortab

le and has several functions: separating the arena zone, allows not to worry about drafts and makes it possible to align the floor, if there is such a need.Make sure all joints are securely hidden and there are no large gaps, if necessary, treat the edge.

# 4

fence can be done easily by using the ledges of the old cot or bed-arena.How to assemble the bed, playpen and fix skirting on the wall?Use purchased at hardware store screws.Firmly secure the future partition, make sure it does not fall, and that the fasteners, which it was attached, safe to use.

# 5

Put on the podium soft floor or other cover, such as linoleum.Note that the coating must be easy to wash and not be too hard.Soft floor has an advantage - is shaping up as a puzzle, so you can fold and unfold as needed.In addition, it is easily washed and cleaned.Everything is almost ready, it remains to understand how to choose a playpen and a child to do so, he wanted to be in it.

# 6

Make the gate for this part of the walls to secure the hinge and secure the latch - magnetic or mechanical.It should be easy to open, but not so easy that little hands can open it yourself.Lay on the floor of your favorite baby toys.Arena is ready!When he served his sentence, the individual elements of the arena can be reused, for example, from the walls to make hatches closed area to which access is not desirable for the child and a soft floor, you can take away to the country.