How to put the vapor tube ?

How to put the vapor tube ?
You will need:
  • Vaseline oil, vapor tube
  • Causes of flatulence
# 1

Intestinal kolika- one of the most common causes of anxiety infants.The most effective way to deal with it is to set the vapor tube.This article describes how to embed the vapor tube to the newborn.Videos on the use of this device can be easily found on the Internet.So, this would require very venting tube and petrolatum (also suitable vegetable oil or baby lotion).Venting ducts are of two types: plastic and rubber.

# 2

inexperienced parents to buy rubber: they are more flexible and therefore less traumatic.Venting tube should always be clean after each use, it should be boiled for 20 minutes;better keep it in a clean bag or container.The first thing should be abundantly lubricated with petroleum jelly itself the vapor tube and the anus baby.Before manipulation of the baby is better to lay on the back and squeeze the legs to the tummy.Neat circular movements tube is introduced approximately 4-5 cm into the anus.

# 3

time finding this device in anus: 7-10 minutes.For better removal of gases can be continued stimulation of intestinal twisting tube.Also at this time, it is recommended to do abdominal massage (a circular motion in a clockwise direction, i.e. along the gut, thereby facilitating advancement and gas removal).At the time of expiration should be carefully pull out the tube, the substitution of the child and treat the child cream anus.

# 4

Intestinal colic is normal for the first year of life.Usually they stop torturing the baby to 6 months.The cause of flatulence (excess accumulation of gases in the intestines) is colonization of the gastrointestinal tract microflora baby (after the baby is born with a sterile digestive system).Another cause of colic is a child swallowing air during feeding.Flatulence is not a disease, but is a source of discomfort.Avoid feeding it can be a good kid.Get rid of it as you can massage the abdomen, staging vapor tube, the use of drugs that reduce flatulence.