What do you call a boy , born in July ?

What do you call a boy , born in July ?
You will need:
  • child
  • Orthodox calendar
# 1

Nowadays it became popular to call their children, guided by the old methods.That is, the orthodox family, choosing the name of his beloved offspring, using a list of names of the church calendar.In this case the parents do not have to argue about the choice worthy of the name and it is believed that the name given to the baby in honor of a saint, the child will bring happiness and success in life.Parents of children born in the summer, are also interested in the selection of a successful name.And many are asking what to call his son, who was born in July?It depends on which day the baby was born.Choose the name of the boy simply.

# 2

If he was born on July 1, then the appropriate name to this day Ipat or Leonty.Born July 2 Ivan is suitable name.July 3 - the names of Athanasius, Guri or Hleb.The boy was born on July 4, it is recommended to call Terenty.For boys, born July 5, the good names are Galaktion, Arseniy or Yevsei.If the child was b

orn on July 6 - Anton suit names Herman, Artem, Arkady and Svyatoslav.July 7 - This Anton names Jacob and Ivan.

# 3

baby, born July 8, very suitable name David or Peter.Baby, born July 9, recommended the name of Denis, Tikhon, Ivan or David.If the birthday on July 10 that the names of George Martin and Samson.For the July 11 match the names of Ivan Sergei, German or Paul.The boy, born on July 12, you can give the name of Peter, Andrew and Paul.Those who was born July 13, called Simon, Thomas, John, Philip, or Sophrone.14 July - the day the boys called Kuzma, Demyan or Peter.If your baby was born on July 15, a suitable name is the name of Venaly.

# 4

recommended the name of Alexander Demidov, Anatoly or Mark for July 16th.July 17 the boy can be named Andrei, Fedor or Fedot.Born July 18 child called Athanasius, Sergei and Kirill.July 19 - the day Anton, Basil Valentine or Innocent.If the birthday on July 20 the names of the German suit, Thomas and Lucian.In the case of the boy's birthday on July 21 will be a good call him Prokop, Pankratov and Cyril.on July 22 - a son called Alexander or Fedotov.The boy, born July 23, you can give the name of Anton, Leonty or Daniel.

# 5

names Nicodemus or Arkady fit for July 24.Born July 25 fit Arseniy names Ivan, Gabriel and Michael.The boy, born in July 26th, should receive the name of Stepan or Gabriel.July 27 - can be called the son of Stephen.To July 28 very suitable name Basil or Vladimir.Born July 29th or better to call Paul Afinogenov.Leonid - If a baby was born on July 30, that his name right.And born July 31 should definitely be called Yemelyan or Ivan.What do you call a boy in July, this is easily solved by using the Orthodox calendar.