How to disassemble a playpen bed alone ?

How to disassemble a playpen bed alone ?
You will need:
  • wrench 10mm
  • furniture key
# 1

There comes a time when the child is grown up, she started walking and he becomes close in a confined space.This is the time of knowledge, because the child is exploring the world of tactile.And this time, when the question arises: how to disassemble a playpen bed?In fact, it is not difficult - most models are designed for multiple use.There are inserts, connectors and special case.However, some playpens are mounted using bolt bunch.And if the assembly is often included in the purchase price and delivery, it is necessary to disassemble all the same for yourself.In addition, do not always have detailed instructions for assembling - disassembling the crib.For information on how to disassemble the arena in which case, you need to talk too much.

# 2

main thing is to find a place bolting.Disassembly is simple enough, it is important to sketch the schematic connections nodes.It is not known when it will have to collect - in a year or five years

.By the time many will be forgotten.If playpen simple, only need to key in the ten millimeters.In the case of so-called "furniture" require a special assembly, furniture key.Most of all - it grinded key 7 - 8 millimeters.Sometimes manufacturers use special bolts.For example, before a gathering arena «Jetem» (or parse it), you will need a trip to the shop tools.

# 3

But do not be upset, the cost of the tool - nothing compared to the joy of the birth and upbringing of the child.However, we must not forget that before you choose a playpen, you need to consider many factors.First, it plans for the next baby.If a large family is planned to be a multi-functional arena.Second, he must be strong, because when there will be a second child, the burden on his double.This depends on how the structure is going.

# 4

And finally, before you choose a playpen for the baby, you must bear in mind that it should be suitable for both girls and boys.We must not forget that on what's inside the arena, its development depends.Not only physical but also mental.Spacious, bright arena will provide the child a wider worldview.Assemble or disassemble the arena with his own bed is not difficult, but psychologists say that this is an excellent discharge after the ordinary, everyday worries.Doing something with your hands, it emphasizes the care of the child.